We’re thrilled to announce that Mimotopes will be participating in the 29th Annual Lorne Proteomics Symposium, organised by the Australasian Proteomics Society. Join us at Booth #5 from 31 January to 3 February 2024, at the Mantra in the picturesque seaside town of Lorne, Victoria.

About Mimotopes:

Mimotopes, a leader in peptide synthesis, offers custom peptides, PepSet™ peptide libraries, antibodies, and more for the research market. With a focus on customisation and modification, Mimotopes ensures products meet the highest standards.

Come and chat to us about our services:

Custom Peptide Synthesis: Tailored peptides with customisable sequences and modifications, involving customer collaboration at every design stage.

PepSet™ Custom Peptide Libraries: Economically produced combinatorial libraries with applications in epitope mapping, screening, and more.

Peptide Labels and Modifications: Versatile options, including cyclisation, bio-conjugation, biotinylation, phosphorylation, and more.

Peptide Reagents: A diverse range of amino acids, coupling reagents, and supplies for both solid and liquid-phase peptide synthesis.

Immunology Services: Beyond peptides, Mimotopes supplies monoclonal and custom polyclonal antibodies, along with epitope mapping services.

Join us in making the 2024 Annual Proteomics Symposium a hub of innovation and collaboration. We look forward to sharing our expertise and exploring the latest developments in proteomics research with you!