AdhereTech LLC is a digital health company that provides smart devices that connect patients to care with real-time interventions. The company’s Aidia System is an integrated technology-based adherence solution that provides devices and software to monitor and regulate dosing behaviour for integration into traditional, hybrid, and decentralized trials. This solution helps pharmacists and care teams gain access to dose-level monitoring and alerts for data-driven patient support. It also provides real-time dosing data that flows into management systems with customizable data reports to support interim analysis. AdhereTech works with pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations (CROs) to improve clinical trial adherence, resulting in patient retention, data integrity, and efficient use of remote resources. Its data-driven escalations to care teams enable real-time care for patients, which helps delay the development of serious medical issues. The company partners with speciality pharmacies, hospitals and health systems to offer connected devices and support to improve adherence in their patient populations.