Omnicell Inc is a provider of medication management solutions and adherence tools for healthcare systems and pharmacies. It provides an intelligent infrastructure combining technology, analytics, and expert services to equip and enable pharmacists and pharmacies to focus on clinical care. The company offers solutions across two key areas – automation and advanced services. Automation products and technology-enabled services provide advanced automation, including robotics, designed to automate work, streamline workflows, and reduce human error. Its point-of-care automation solution improves clinician workflows in patient care areas of the healthcare system, such as nursing units, patient wards, operating rooms, and emergency departments. Central pharmacy automation solutions consist of automated storage and retrieval systems, IV compounding robots and workflow management systems, inventory management software, and controlled substance management systems. Medication adherence solutions improve pharmacy operations and patient adherence to prescriptions for retail, community, outpatient pharmacies, and institutional pharmacies. Retail pharmacy and hospital automation includes robotic dispensing systems used in hospitals and retail pharmacies for handling the stocking and retrieval of boxed medications.

Through advanced services, Omnicell offers specialized services and analytics software to help healthcare facilities improve patient care by using data from automation and other systems. Central pharmacy IV compounding service provides a service model comprising IV robotic technology, data analytic tools, and clinical support for insourced sterile compounding programs. Omnicell’s central pharmacy dispensing service is a full-service central pharmacy automation solution for inventory control, compliance, safety, and efficiency through automation, supported by operational staff, maintenance, and optimization services.