SMRxT Inc is a provider of real-time medication adherence management. The company develops critical user experience insights by integrating with patients, their families, pharmacists, health organizations, providers, and clinicians. Nomi, the company’s medication adherence system and platform, captures data to reveal how patients take medication. It translates data into actionable information for patient intervention and engagement, influences the patient’s behaviour towards better health and helps hospitals and health plans avoid preventable costs and improve productivity. Nomi’s sensor technology measures patient adherence by medication weight, time, movement, and temperature, and the data is available instantly to clinicians and family members. Nomi is connected the moment the pharmacist fills the prescription, and its sensor automatically communicates adherence data using Verizon’s nationwide cellular network. It uses patient behaviour for analysis to reinforce positive behaviour and identifies and corrects non-adherence, helps patients take their medication, and prompts families and care teams to provide patient support. SMRxT, through Nomi, offers Absolute Adherence, a proprietary methodology to score medication adherence accurately, and a precise method to reveal whether patients are following their treatment, down to the dose amount and time.