Kaiser Permanente is a provider of affordable health care services. Member and patient care is focused on total health and guided by personal physicians, specialists, and a team of caregivers from the Permanente Medical Group. The company’s medical teams are supported by technological advances and tools for health promotion, disease prevention, care delivery, and management of chronic diseases. Permanente Medicine is physician-led health care delivered to Kaiser Permanente patients and members by physicians who are called to practise medicine. The company conducts cancer clinical trials as well as research on cancer care delivery and health disparities. Cardiovascular disease is an active area of study for Kaiser Permanente, and scientists use its longitudinal data to improve knowledge in the areas of understanding risk, improving patient outcomes and translating research findings into policy and practice. The company offers Kaiser Permanente Research Bank, a collection of health information and blood samples shared by member volunteers, to help doctors and researchers learn about the disease, make discoveries, and find treatments.