Prescryptive Health Inc is a healthcare technology company that provides a prescription intelligence platform. Its platform uses artificial intelligence, blockchain, and mobile to provide a transformative, personalised, and compliant experience for its pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) clients. The company’s mobile-first products connect consumers, pharmacists, and employers, providing people with the information they need to make informed decisions and take control of their health. Its mobile application,, helps consumers schedule an appointment with the local pharmacist for vaccinations, testing, and treatments; provides access to test and vaccine records, a medicine cabinet, and prescription transfers on the phone; and enables them to purchase drugs through mobile devices. Prescryptive Health’s PharmCare services is a PBM and speciality and concierge home health care facilitator for international health insurers and self-insured groups. It enables customers to search for their prescription by price and location while remaining in compliance with their national policy providers.