UnitedHealth Group Inc is a healthcare company. It offers healthcare services and products through two platforms – UnitedHealthcare and Optum. The UnitedHealthcare platform provides healthcare coverage and benefits services, while the Optum platform offers information and technology-enabled health services. The company provides health coverage, Medicare plans, short-term health insurance and Medicaid plans for individuals and families, health management and global health solutions for employers, health care network, value-based care, clinician resources for physicians and healthcare professionals, and resources for brokers and consultants. UnitedHealth has four reportable segments – Optum Health, Optum Insight, Optum Rx, and UnitedHealthcare. Optum Health delivers local primary, in-home, speciality, surgical and urgent care, helps patients and providers navigate and address complex, chronic and behavioural health needs, offers post-acute care planning services, and serves consumers and care providers through on-demand digital health technologies such as telehealth and remote patient monitoring. Optum Insight connects the healthcare system with services, analytics, and platforms that make clinical, administrative, and financial processes easier for participants in the healthcare system. Optum Rx offers pharmacy care services using its network of retail pharmacies through home delivery, speciality and community health pharmacies, and provision of in-home and community-based infusion services. It manages prescription drug spending, including commonly available retail drugs and limited distribution drugs in oncology, HIV, pain management, and ophthalmology. UnitedHealthcare uses Optum’s capabilities to help coordinate and provide patient care, improve the affordability of medical care, analyse cost trends, and manage pharmacy care services.