Mercy is a health system that provides acute care and speciality hospitals. It meets various special needs, particularly of low-income patients through Mercy ministries. Mercy ministries include – Mercy Family Center, a behavioural health clinic for adolescents and their families; Mississippi Health Advocacy Program, which focuses on improving health policies, practices and funding for the lesser privileged society, Mercy Ministries of Laredo, a provider of primary health care services, a domestic violence shelter, and an education centre and Mercy Cooper-Anthony Child Advocacy Center, providing essential medical and counselling services to young victims of abuse ranging from birth to 18 years of age. The company’s Mercy Technology Services (MTS) helps doctors, nurses, and clinical teams use data for improved care of patients. It contributed to reducing mortality rates by 50% for patients with heart failure, pneumonia, and colectomy patients, preventing unnecessary blood transfusions, and reducing the time taken to administer a diuretic to patients with heart failure. It delivers virtual care services to improve patient outcomes and access while reducing the total cost of care. Mercy’s virtual care program combines people and technology to extend Mercy’s reach and services online. Virtual care is delivered using sensitive two-way cameras, online-enabled instruments, and real-time vital signs, allowing clinicians to interact with patients virtually.