Medipal Holdings Corporation distributes medical supplies and daily necessities. The company classifies its operations into three business segments – Prescription Pharmaceutical Wholesale Business; Cosmetics, Daily Necessities and OTC Pharmaceutical Wholesale Business; and Animal Health Products and Food Processing Raw Materials Wholesale Business. The Prescription Pharmaceutical Wholesale Business segment procures prescription pharmaceuticals, healthcare products related to diagnostics, testing, treatment, and administration, including medical equipment and medical materials, and clinical diagnostic reagents for use from the pre-symptomatic stage. The Cosmetics, Daily Necessities, and OTC Pharmaceutical Wholesale Business segment delivers daily necessities in the field of beauty and health through the company’s subsidiary, PALTAC. The company provides analysis of retailers’ store locations to help improve the productivity of sales floors through in-store merchandising such as product composition, shelf space allocation, inventory management, and handling of new and discontinued products. Medipal’s subsidiary, MP Agro, offers animal health products for companion animals and fisheries. It also provides livestock feed additives and veterinary medical equipment. The company’s subsidiary, Medipal Foods Corporation, includes products such as raw materials for agriculture and livestock, seasonings and food additives, and packaging materials and industrial chemicals.