Fagron BV carries out pharmaceutical compounding and develops solutions for customised and personalised medicine. The company supplies raw materials, utensils and equipment, semi-finished products, vehicles, and sterile and non-sterile compounded medicines to hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics. It also offers education and training to prescribers and pharmacists through the Fagron Academy. Fagron operates its business through four segments – Essentials, Brands, Compounding Services, and Premium Pharmaceuticals. The company, through its Essentials segment, supplies pharmaceutical-grade raw materials in smaller quantities to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. Fagron’s Brands segment, in cooperation with pharmacists, physicians, and universities, develops new and innovative vehicles such as emulsions, powder mixtures, creams and complete concepts, besides equipment for the compounding of medicines. Fagron Genomics specialises in the development, production, and marketing of genetic tests. The Compounding Services segment uses raw materials from Essentials and vehicles from Brands for its compounding activities. The company focuses on the registration of specific compounded medicines through its Premium Pharmaceuticals segment.