Frank Noe Egypt is a manufacturer of plastic primary packaging and one of the most respected names in the pharmaceutical field in Egypt. We have a reputation solidly built on the high-end quality of our products along with the extremely high regard we have for customer service.

Pharmaceutical primary packaging is a business unit of Frank Noe Egypt. The company specialises in the production of plastic packaging solutions and desiccant / adsorbent products that meet the rigorous requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical Bottles And Jars

Our specialists in primary packaging present the pharmaceutical industry with a range of cylinders, bottles, jars, and pumps.

Products include:

Our range of bottles is ideal for tablets and capsules for a wide range of pharmaceutical products. Options such as childproof covers can give your product additional safety features.
We offer cylinders for effervescent tablets with spiral covers and integrated desiccant solutions with customised multi-colour printing.
Desi-Sac one of our desiccant products are, sachets made out of non-woven fabric containing humidity adsorbents.
With a number of integrated desiccant types available, versatile desiccant capsules, packs and bags can protect a variety of packaged products from decreased shelf life.
Frank Noe Egypt produce under the strict guidelines of pharmaceutical industry to manufacture all types of plastic primary packaging and desiccant solutions.
  • Cylinders and stoppers
  • Jars and flip top covers
  • Bottles and covers
  • Pumps
  • Childproof closures
  • Tamper-evident closures
  • Integrated desiccant closures
  • Desiccant solutions

Plastic pharmaceutical containers

From plastic containers, cylinders, pumps and jars to desiccant integrated solutions; our production capabilities are comprehensive to meet the packaging requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to the leading edge technical expertise and exceptional customer care, we cover all packaging needs, whether you choose from our extensive off-the-shelf ranges or opt for customised moulded products to cater to your needs.

And because our aim is to deliver nothing short from ultimate satisfaction and quality, we operate under the strictest quality standards set by ISO and GMP.

Childproof tablet containers

Our plastic containers come in round, square to triangular shapes ideal for tablets and capsules, to encompass a wide range of pharmaceutical products. Options such as childproof covers, tamper-evident closure systems are available to give your product additional safety features.

Desiccants can be incorporated directly into the cover closure to continuously and thoroughly adsorb moisture within the bottle, for maximum shelf life and product integrity.

To elevate brand awareness, customised multi-colour labelling can be directly applied onto the bottles. Bottles and covers are available in different sizes and shapes ranging from square, triangular and round.

The quality of our packaging solutions extends and guarantees the shelf life of the products kept inside them. Custom sizes and shapes can be discussed with Frank Noe Egypt Ltd’s development team.

Protective medication containers

Desiccants are safe, non-toxic and non-dusting sorbent packaging solutions that provide exceptional moisture adsorbing capacity. With a number of desiccant types available, such as versatile desiccant capsules, sacks and bags, packaged products will be protected from the effects of moisture including caking, mildew, fermentation, potency loss and decreased shelf life.

Safe desicant capsule packaging

Desiccant capsules are one of the most widely used desiccants in the pharmaceutical industry. Their rigid cylindrical shape is ideal for automatic, high-speed insertion. It also makes the capsule easy to differentiate from other tablets and capsules in the container, thereby preventing accidental ingestion. All materials used comply with FDA requirements for direct contact with food and drugs.

Desiccants are available with silica gel, indicating silica gel, molecular sieve, and indicating molecular sieve in addition to active carbon for the elimination of smell and oxygen.

Tamper-evident medication packaging

We offer cylinders for effervescent tablets with spiral covers and integrated desiccant solutions with customised multi-colour printing. Our injection and blow mouldings can be manufactured to satisfy even the most challenging of requirements and orders.

If you wish to manufacture a customised product please contact us, and we will be more than glad to assist you. Pack your medication in our quality products to assure that it is well protected.