FREWITT SA and Venezuela’s LETI are pleased to announce the successful collaboration in the area of crushing and micronisation. Recently LETI has acquired the FREWITT’s PowerMill DW-250, a combined crushing and grinding system, which is part of the FREWITT PowerMill line.

“LETI and FREWITT quickly saw that the fastest, most efficient, and sterile manner to reduce solid bulk matter, whether in blocks or large agglomerates to a homogenous powder, was to use Frewitt’s patented DelumpWitt system”, explained FREWITT’s CEO, Antoine Virdis.

“At LETI, we are constantly striving to improve our processes. By implementing the treatment of large blocks and agglomerates with the FREWITT PowerMill DW-250 system, LETI is ensuring that the size reduction of solid bulk material to homogenous powder in a continual process is carried out without additional human intervention. In this way, the risk of contamination is avoided and this considerably increases our productivity”, stated LETI’s General Director of Operations, Daniel Gonzalez.

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Thanks to its experience in the grinding and milling of powders, Frewitt has established itself over time as a leader in this field by constantly anticipating the needs of its markets, including Pharmaceutical, Fine chemical, Foods, and Defense and developing tools for processes accordingly. Its worldwide presence, Global HQ in Switzerland, with branch offices in the USA, Germany, China and India, enable it to be as close as possible to its customers.

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LETI is a cutting-edge drug development company, providing unique therapeutic treatments for a wide variety of diseases, cardiovascular, metabolism, gastric, respiratory, neurological, and muscular-skeletal. They also produce antibiotics, as well as vitamins and operate the only cephalosporin plant in Venezuela.