Gerresheimer has significantly ramped up its glass and plastic production capacities in India. A new modern plant to produce high quality plastic containers and closures was built at the Kosamba site, and glass production received a new state-of-the-art and sustainable furnace technology. Both innovations were ceremonially commissioned by the management on the same day in April.

By adding capacities in India, Gerresheimer intends to ensure consistent supply for critical pharma and healthcare facilities supporting increased packaging demand and public health. Gerresheimer already operates production facilities, including Triveni and Neutral Glass, which the company acquired in 2012. The four highly specialised Indian plants belong to the Gerresheimer Group’s worldwide production network. The plants are equipped with high technology manufacturing process for the production of pharmaceutical primary packaging made of plastic, moulded and tubular glass.

“These new investments enable us to serve our customers now locally with combined product solutions across all Gerresheimer divisions. We have special expectations for revenue growth in India, with more capacity we are closer to reaching our goals,” said Niels Düring, Global Executive Vice-President, Plastic Packaging.

Gerresheimer has installed the latest Type I Borosilicate melting furnace for flint and amber glass production using cross-fired oxygen technology and an increased portion of electric heating to melt our new Barium free type I glass formulation. This new state-of-the-art furnace is equipped with newest production machines and also has the most sensitive inspection equipment following the Gerresheimer moulded glass production standards. “With this technology, we will substantially enhance our product quality and address additional market segments”, said Stefan Rieder, Global Senior Vice-President, Commercial Moulded Glass.

Gerresheimer ensures the full conformity of its products and follows the European pharmacopoeia, the United States pharmacopoeia and meets YBB requirements for China and FDA registration with a Drug Master File as the standard. The production operations are carried out in sanitised rooms. Gerresheimer applies the rules of good manufacturing practice (GMP) and is classified in accordance with ISO standards.