Portal Instruments and Gerresheimer have announced they will be presenting a joint presentation titled: ‘New Meets Old: Challenges and Solutions with Developing a Custom Primary Container’.

The talk will be given on Wednesday 6 February at 10:00am (CET) at the Paris Expo in Porte de Versaille, Paris. Vice-president of engineering at Portal Instruments Andrew Coats and senior global director of business development at Gerresheimer Bünde Dr Wenzel Novak will lead the presentation.

Portal Instruments’ highly innovative system consists of a reusable, connected jet-injector and a disposable, pre-filled cycloolefin polymer (COP) cartridge that is designed to allow patients to self-administer medications on demand and at home without the hassle and complication of traditional needles. This improves the experience for patients on chronic therapies.

Portal will be showcasing its connected needle-free drug delivery system at booth B14.

Portal and Gerresheimer have jointly developed the system’s disposable COP cartridge. Portal chose Gerresheimer as a partner for the cartridge based upon Gerresheimer’s experience in the development and production of COP primary packaging products such as the Gx RTF ClearJect needle syringe. Gerresheimer will be showcasing its polymer syringes at booth B62.

Pharmapack takes place from 6-7 February in Paris. Pharmapack is dedicated to drug delivery and pharmaceutical packaging with key industry players attending from all over the world.

About Portal Instruments

Portal Instruments is a venture-backed medical device company that develops and commercialises a connected, needle-free drug delivery platform to transform the administration of medications for chronic diseases.

Portal aims to improve the patient experience and outcomes through an innovative needle-free injector with connectivity, analytics and a companion digital experience.

The company has completed a deal with Takeda to bring this vision to the market with a drug/device combination product in the field of inflammatory bowel diseases.

Portal Instruments’ quality management system (QMS) is ISO 13485 certified.