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Blister Machines, Cartoning Machines, Sachet Machines, Stick Pack Machines and Late-Stage Customization for Packaging

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MediSeal is an internationally active company that specializes in the development, design and manufacture of thermoforming, sachet and stick pack machines, cartoning machines and complete packaging lines for the pharmaceutical industry.

Dosing and packaging of solids, powders and paste products

Over many years MediSeal has acquired outstanding know-how in the dosing and packaging of solids, powders and paste products. This means that MediSeal will continue to provide optimized production solutions to your packaging problems.

In this sector, the spotlight is on the stringent requirements for pharmaceutical safety, performance and flexibility. MediSeal, which originated from Klöckner Medipak, constitutes the third component of the Körber Medipak Group and is an ideal complement to its two Swiss sister companies, Rondo and Dividella.

Blister packaging machines

Whatever you want to pack, MediSeal has the right solution. Over 600 MediSeal blister packaging machines are in use today worldwide, packaging pharmaceutical products of all kinds. Whether for tablets, capsules, dragées, ampoules, vials, syringes or liquid products, MediSeal can provide you with the appropriate dosing and blister packaging solution for any application. Within these ranges, the very latest servo technology ensures maximum flexibility in all performance classes.

MediSeal specializes in the development, design and manufacture of thermoforming, sachet and stick pack machines, cartoning machines and complete packaging lines for the pharmaceutical industry.
The MediSeal blister packaging machine takes into account tomorrow’s production requirements today in terms of quality, flexibility and efficiency; here we see a CP500RX-P1600 line solution.
The MediSeal thermoforming packaging lines allow flexible and modular packaging for a variety of formats; this image shows a CP600-P3000 packaging line.
The BIB-BOB module is the core of the LSC® concept; it is designed to be mobile, so it can be linked quickly and easily to different blister or cartoning machines.
The LA600 SP is the first stick pack machine that can be changed quickly and easily to produce stick packs of different widths.
  • CP200
  • CP400
  • CP400e
  • CP500 (T1, RX and TX)
  • CP600
  • CP1200
  • CP2
  • CP3
  • CP10 / 11

Cartoning machines and compact, modular and flexible cartoners

MediSeal supplies many different types of separate cartoning machines for all performance classes, either to complement the blister and sachet machines or to serve as a solo solution. They can also be used for packaging vials; the modular construction of MediSeal cartoners offers practically unlimited versatility in the packaging of pharmaceutical products. Models include:

  • P700
  • P1600
  • P3000
  • P3200

Late-stage customization for pharmaceutical packaging

MediSeal’s Late Stage Customization (LSC®) concept offers flexibility when lot sizes are decreasing and machine running times are increasing. The LSC concept enables you to customize your production at the last minute. We make use of the modular construction of our MediSeal machines to link up the blister packaging, printing and cartoning sub-processes according to requirements. This increases both your flexibility and the running time of your machines. Available modules are:

  • BIB-BOB module
  • Universal BIB-BOB module

Stick pack machines and vertical edge-sealing sachet machines

MediSeal’s vertical edge-sealing sachet machines have been acknowledged for decades as the first choice for packaging pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Dosaging systems for powders and granules, developed in-house, demonstrably achieve the highest dosaging accuracy and are perfectly suited to packaging high-value products. Models include:

  • LA160
  • LA300
  • LA400
  • LA500
  • LA560 SP
  • LA600 SP

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