Origin has launched a new video, which showcases its Pharmaceutical Packaging Design Process.

The company has used the latest computer-generated imagery (CGI) technologies to give a detailed demonstration of its design process. The video shows the process from the initial brief, to 3D printing and delivering an optimised design. Origin’s packaging not only saves money, but helps support the environment as materials used are carefully selected.

The video allows the viewer to be absorbed by the exciting challenges a new design brings, such as a current packaging design that needs amending to become child-resistant or prevent migration of a product. The video takes the viewer into the boardroom where blueprint designs and the Origin team are engaging in a client partnership conversation. Viewers are then launched into action, seeing a pharmaceutical bottle come to life from the blue print design to a newly invented child resistant closure.

The clever CGI techniques bring the packaging design represented on the blue documents to life. The video gives an in-depth demonstration, showing Origin’s ability to take a brief and make it a reality. In addition, the team understands the issues or future design potential for a new product, taking into consideration all permutations in regards to optimisation, manufacturing techniques, and material selection.

The video delivers the full process:

  • Brief
  • 3D visualisation
  • 3D printing
  • Pilot tooling
  • Commercial tooling

Origin’s head of marketing Rich Quelch explains his satisfaction on the execution of the video and how it heightens the Origin’s brand experience: "We have worked very closely with our videographers, so that the film captures the very essence of Origin; personable, engaging, and understanding."

Rich Quelch goes onto explain how the video clearly explains the global capabilities of Origin: "Origin Pharma Packaging has a huge passion for innovation, with an NPD team who are continually creating solutions for everyday problems, which reside in pharmaceutical packaging. These problems will always drive ideas within child resistant design for packaging, a skill that is associated with the Origin brand."

Origin Pharma Packaging works across the globe with up and coming and well established pharmaceutical organisations. The Pilot Process has become a recognised process for clients of Origin and has proven to be flexible and efficient, allowing time and money to be saved, with a large emphasis on sustainability. Origin helps ensure that all designs are delivered to optimum levels for the client and the environment.

To view the video and understand The Pilot Process in support of the 4D’s – Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver, view the video here.