Custom Sensors & Technology recently applied its UV fluorescence photometer and front surface fluorescence probe to a biofilm growth monitoring application with great success.

Application studies were conducted in the Custom Sensors & Technology research and development lab. “We are very excited about applying our technology to this new application,” says Crystal Dixon, director of the R&D lab. “Finding a novel implementation of an established product is very satisfying.”

The company plans on marketing the approach within the wastewater industry as well as biopharmaceutical, chemical and other applicable industries.

The technology utilized in this new approach includes a UV photometric analyzer, the UV PhotoX fluorometer, as well as the front surface fluorescence probe and a UV light source. The UV PhotoX is a fiber-optic-based photometric analyzer which is designed to give a stable energy output via patented optical feedback technique producing stable output readings over the lifetime of the unit. The front surface fluorescence probe utilized in this approach is an innovative way to monitor fluorescence, by decreasing inner filter effect and providing sound data. The probe can be used with a variety of samples including liquids, slurries, paste or solids.

Once the original application studies were produced, trial studies were conducted. Trial studies provided data that supports the viability of the application of CST hardware to the application of biofilm growth monitoring.