Reduced to Advantage – a Hygiene Probe in the Guided Radar Segment

Endress+Hauser expands the Levelflex M product line with the FMP43, a hygiene probe, especially developed for the high
requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The reduction to industry-specific requirements is the target –
i.e. the reduction to the advantages. Main aspects are the hygiene design, flexibility and perfect adaptation to processes.

The hygiene probe is approved according to 3-A Standards as well as EHEDG, and has been developed taking the ASME BPE
(2005) guidelines into consideration.

A high degree of flexibility is achieved during the planning phase and also during operation by exchangeable probes and
process connections. Inspection takes hardly any time at all. The hygiene probe can be used in small tanks and in tight installation
conditions. The separated transmitter housing reduces space requirements at the tank to a minimum, if need be.

Levelflex M FMP43 is perfectly adapted to difficult process requirements. Highly exact measurement is possible in process
conditions like changing densities, low conductivities and foam formation. Troublesome settling times are eliminated in
strong temperature changes and even when a sprayhead is used safe level indication results. A special highlight is the calibration
without process interruption. The hygiene probe thus offers the highest degree of plant availability.

These arguments constitute a clear advantage for the hygiene probe as compared with conventional measuring principles.
Customers will benefit. Apart from low down times and clear process simplification, the properties of Levelflex M FMP43
carry another decisive advantage: The uncompromising support in securing the quality of customer products.

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