European vacuum pump and dryer manufacturer Italvacuum has launched its cutting-edge MULTISPRAY® fast washing system.

Italvacuum, one of the most known European manufacturers of batch vacuum dryers and vacuum pumps for pharmaceutical, fine chemical, chemical and cosmetics industries, has developed a wide range of cutting-edge and patented products, which comply with the main European regulations (CE, ATEX and PED) and with the ever more severe FDA rules and cGMP norms, including:

  • Rotary double cone vacuum dryer / pulverizer – CRIOX System
  • Paddle vacuum dryer – Planex System®
  • Vacuum tray oven – MULTISPRAY® Cabinet Dryer
  • Rotary cylindrical vacuum dryer – TUMBLE Dryer
  • Vacuum pumps – SAURUS939

Italvacuum tray oven, named MULTISPRAY® Cabinet Dryer, is the result of more than 70 years experience in vacuum drying of wet powders, pastes and dense liquids, used in chemical and pharmaceutical production.

It consists of a main body (drying chamber) completely heated by means of a liquid circulation circuit, so as to avoid any condensation phenomena, and by a series of shelves heated by means of a fluid distribution collector which guarantees heat homogeneity on all radiating plates.

MULTISPRAY® Cabinet Dryer stands out for the following main technical features:

  • Perfect mirror polishing of the inside of the cabinet
  • Perfect mirror polishing of the heating plates, that are completely smooth on both upper and lower surfaces for a thorough and easy cleaning
  • Watertight door coating
  • "Particle-free" trays for the complete recovery of the powders
  • High-operating vacuum ratings thanks to an accurate machining
  • Possibility of clean room installation, well separated from the machine room, so ensuring a controlled environment

The parts in contact with the product of all types of models are built in INOX AISI 316L stainless steel (1.4404). For special applications, where there are problems with the aggressiveness of the solvents in the products, the material in contact with the product can be AISI 904L (1.4539), ALLOY C-22 (2.4602), or anti-corrosive coating material such as Halar or Sakaphen. On the contrary external parts overlooking the sterile room are expected to be of stainless steel AISI 304L (1.4307).

MULTISPRAY® Cabinet Dryer is designed and manufactured in full compliance with the ever more strict FDA and cGMP norms prescribed for machines employed in the pharmaceutical industry, especially with regard to the ease with which the inner chamber and the heating plates can be totally and perfectly cleaned thanks to the new C.I.P. MULTISPRAY® Fast Washing System, covered by international patents.

New MULTISPRAY® C.I.P. Fast Washing System

The new MULTISPRAY® C.I.P. Fast Washing System is an Italvacuum patent that allows to carry out in few minutes the washing and cleaning operations of the drying chamber and of the inner shelves, preventing the operator from coming into direct contact with possible residuals of product and/or any solvent that could be found inside the dryer.

Furthermore it eliminates any possibility of contamination between the clean room and the technical room.

MULTISPRAY® C.I.P. Fast Washing System consists of:

  • Mobile pneumatic washing unit
  • MULTISPRAY® C.I.P. diffuser placed inside the dryer.

In the process of washing few rinsing liquid is used. In order to guarantee a minimal consumption of solvents, the heads of the MULTISPRAY® C.I.P. diffuser are made directly by Italvacuum.

The efficiency of the new MULTISPRAY® C.I.P. Fast Washing System is certificated by means of a demonstrative proof through a tracer substance (riboflavin); at the end of the proof the following documentation is normally issued:

  • Inspection report of the system
  • Washing procedure according to cGMP norms.

The efficiency of the system can be increased up to 98% with the plates inside the drying room and up to 100% with the plates outside the drying room.

It must be underlined that the washing operation, being automatic, is repeatable, that is the achieved result is the same from time to time.


The following two types of executions, which are suitable for every type of application and use, are available:

  • Vacuum Tray Dryer with Fixed Plates
  • Vacuum Tray Dryer with Extractable Plates

Both the executions are designed to be equipped with the new C.I.P. MULTISPRAY® Fast Washing System.

Vacuum tray dryer with fixed plates

Specific for valuable and delicate products, all the weld seams in this execution are rendered completely invisible by grinding and all the surfaces are mirror-finished to eliminate roughness.

Besides, there are no blind corners or sharp edges, no inaccessible points that would be hard to clean. The floor of the cabinet is sloped towards the handling room in order to facilitate the removal of the washing liquid and to avoid all contacts with the machine room.

Furthermore the wide front flange and the set-back legs allow to further separate the sterile room from the technical room.

Vacuum tray dryer with extractable plates

Designed and manufactured with the same specifications and high quality standards of the fixed plates model, it has been conceived to meet the requirements of a thorough washing of the drying chamber and inner plates in a very short time.

The vacuum tray dryer with extractable plates is provided with liquid-heated plates that are mounted on a frame which can be taken right out of the drying chamber to allow easy access, cleaning and inspection.

The plates-unit can easily be extracted thanks to the connexion to the heating circuit by means of two snap-fit couplings which hold the heating liquid inside the plates without loss when disconnected. It is extracted with the help of an external hydraulic trolley, completely made in stainless steel and fitted with anti-static nylon wheels which allows its handling.

This trolley allows the extraction and insertion of the plates in extreme safety, without efforts by the staff and in a very short time. The use of external hydraulic trolley does not require the presence of rails or wheels inside the cabinet, so that it complies with the ATEX and cGMP norms. Once the plates-unit is extracted, it can be easily and safely inspected and cleaned. This innovation minimises the risk of contamination when a switch to another product is made and makes this type of dryer particularly suitable for multiproduct applications.

New range for laboratory scale

Italvacuum, always committed to optimizing and expanding its products range, recently introduced on the market the new line of static vacuum dryers studied for laboratory scale. These dryers, manufactured with separated cells and auxiliary fittings mounted on skid, are designed for the assembly in glove box. As far as the the parts in contact with the product, the new static vacuum dryers for lab scale can be made of stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4404), AISI 904L (1.4539), ALLOY C-22, 2.4602 and Duplex.

Turn-key systems for every process requirement

Beside MULTISPRAY® Cabinet Dryer, Italvacuum supplies also the components necessary for completing the plant:

  • Heating and cooling unit for the thermal regulation of the system
  • Vacuum condensation unit with tank for the recovery of the extracted solvents
  • High vacuum unit (Italvacuum SAURUS939 piston pump with final vacuum up to <0,01 mbar)
  • Control panels with PLC for the complete management of the plant, provided with software certifiable according to CFR 21 Standard, Part 11, and able to ensure the reproducibility between the dried lots and to interface with the central control systems

All the components are appropriately dimensioned to meet every process requirement:

  • Size configuration
  • MULTISPRAY® Cabinet Dryer is designed to fulfill the widest possible range of needs, also as far as size configuration.