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Automated Solutions for Pharmaceutical Assembly, Handling, Inspection, Medtech and Packaging

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Moeller & Devicon is a member of the Bosch Group, specialising in the design and manufacture of high-quality machinery and equipment for the healthcare industry.

Working in close cooperation with our customers we design and build automated stand-alone units, complete production lines, and turnkey projects that meet the specific customer requirements. Our products and services are offered and supplied throughout the world via our own sales channels and naturally also via the worldwide distribution network of Bosch Packaging Technology.

Thanks to our long history and dedicated employees we are able to build the most complex machinery, including the latest technology in very controlled processes, leading to fast and reliable production times.

Tailored handling and packaging solutions

From stand-alone handling solutions to turnkey packaging projects, we deliver total reliability and the ultimate in flexibility.

At Moeller & Devicon, the initiative and determination of our staff form the foundations for the innovative solutions we supply to market.
Handling and packaging solutions are rarely the same. At Moeller & Devicon, we invest a lot of time and effort in working with customers to ensure that the specific needs are clearly defined in advance.
A Moeller & Devicon assembly machine is a reliable assembly machine.
The core of our inspection machines is our patented Slitec® vision system, the only inspection system capable of working without any moving parts (cameras, mirrors and illumination sources).
New 4,500m² facility: in autumn 2009 extended production and customer facilities were introduced and have already provided major advantages.

We have an extensive portfolio to handle any product and production scenario, from in-line glass containers to complex medical devices from bulk. We have developed special solutions for handling syringes and other fragile products. These solutions also include buffer systems and traying and de-traying equipment. You can be assured that your product will be safe in our hands.

Pharmaceutical assembly machines

Medtech is where we made our name, rapidly establishing a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality, safe and hard-wearing machinery. A Moeller & Devicon assembly machine is a reliable assembly machine, obtaining a high OEE and a low TCO.

Over the years, we have developed and produced an extensive range of products for a wide variety of customers. Whether it’s the comparatively simple assembly of a small number of parts, or the high-speed and intricate assembly of more complex products, we have the know-how to produce machines that match your exact requirements.

Our -Dex assembly machine platforms offer proven dexterity to deliver superior production capacity. We utilise our experience to choose the right –Dex platform – combined with the required functional modules – whatever your specifications. The modular –Dex platforms secure optimised solutions and highest efficiency.

High-speed inspection machines

We understand that inspection for particle contamination in liquids and cosmetic defects is vitally important. That is why more and more customers are turning to us for tailor-made solutions. Offering high-speed, accurate inspection utilising digital camera technology to inspect up to 700 ampoules, vials or cartridges a minute, our machines deliver an unsurpassed detection rate while simultaneously retaining a low false reject rate.

Automated inspection systems

The core of our inspection machines is our patented Slitec® vision system, the only inspection system capable of working without any moving parts (cameras, mirrors and illumination sources). The system captures several images, which are analysed for particles, fibres and other contamination. A combination of two independent inspection stations enables automated re-inspection of the product, simultaneously improving safety and lowering the false reject rate.

True to our belief in the power of flexibility, Moeller & Devicon inspection machines are also fully scalable thanks to an array of additional modules that can be configured depending on our customers’ products.

About Moeller & Devicon

Founded in 1962, Moeller & Devicon is located in Sandved, Denmark, and has 110 employees. We see ourselves as a dedicated and reliable partner in the pharma industry, keeping focus on customer demands now and for the decades to come, securing long-term investment success. Such partnerships are the keystone to secure our aim of obtaining the goal of lowest TCO trough, high OEE and reliability.


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