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PED-Certified Tanks and Pressure Vessels, Pressure Tanks and Processing Systems

Kertemindevej 44,
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Kertemindevej 44,
DK-8940 Randers SV Other,

Rutek specialises in the manufacture of stainless welded constructions, including PED-certified tanks and pressure vessels for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Rutek is also experienced in the design of complete processing systems; the production of high-capacity dimple jackets for cooling and heating with or without PED certification; heat exchangers; and end and cone bottoms for the tank industry. We also offer on-site installation and repair at very competitive prices. 

Stainless-steel tanks and vessels

We are specialists in designing and manufacturing individually shaped tanks and vessels in stainless steel. These tanks are manufactured for all kinds of purposes, including storage tanks, processing tanks for the dairy and food industries, and several types of tank for the pharmaceutical industry.

Food and pharmaceutical pressure tanks

Pressure tanks are used extensively in the manufacturing industry, including the food and pharmaceutical industries. For many years we have – in partnership with our customers – developed and manufactured pressure tanks of many different types, always taking the industries’ increasing demands for quality and documentation into account.

The dimensions of our pressure tanks range from small 100l tanks to large pressure tanks of more than 50m³. We supply tanks in all types of stainless steel.

Dimple jackets for cooling and heating

Rutek specialises in the manufacture of stainless-steel dimple jackets for the cooling and heating of tanks and pressure tanks. Our dimple jackets for cooling and heating often form part of our own production, but we also sell dimple jackets to customers all over the world.

Dimple jackets for cooling and heating are primarily used on stainless processing tanks where cooling or heating of the product is required. The special design means a light and strong construction that allows a working pressure of up to 10bar. We supply dimple jackets for cooling and heating both in standard size plates and to order. Of course, we also offer PED certification on our dimple jackets for cooling and heating.

Stainless-steel cone bottoms and tops, convex bottoms and tank accessories

Rutek specialises in the production of stainless-steel cone bottoms and tops. The cones are available with a beaded edge, an inverted beaded edge or sharp edges. We also supply top and bottom cones in different angles, thicknesses and shapes, according to the customer’s requirements.

Convex bottoms and other tank accessories such as tank covers, pressure covers, sight glasses, etc. can be obtained from our sister company TEC Scandinavia.

Pipe systems for the pharmaceutical industry

Over the years Rutek has worked on a wide range of projects in the design and manufacture of pipe systems. Due to our excellent production facilities we are able to construct large systems indoors so that changes and modifications can be implemented before the system is delivered to the customer.

Bespoke pressure tanks and processing systems

We have the experience, expertise and physical framework to provide you with solutions for your specialised projects. Our professional stainless-steel smiths and other employees are all highly motivated to deliver flawless work. Whether you need small tanks, large pressure tanks or a turnkey supplier to design a complete processing system, Rutek is a flexible and reliable partner.

Membrane filtration systems

Membrane filtration systems are used in a variety of applications in the dairy, pharmaceutical and offshore industries. We have built up a wide portfolio of experience as a sub-contractor in the design of membrane filtration systems and constructions.

Our customers are typically knowledge-based companies who do not wish to manufacture the systems themselves. We build the filtration systems to the customer’s specifications and working drawings. We can also offer assistance in the production of working drawings. 

Stainless-steel frames for pharmaceutical processing systems

We supply all kinds of welding in stainless steel for the construction of frames and supports for processing systems for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

As Rutek also specialises in tank and pipe work we are able to produce complete systems / units so that the customer can use Rutek as a one-stop supplier. We construct the supports and frames to the customer’s specifications and working drawings, but we are always on hand to provide input and suggestions for improvements. We are also able to help in the production of working drawings.

SolidWorks 3D with Rutek

In Rutek we work often from customer sketches and in many cases only from a description of the customer's wishes. One of our major strengths lies in being able to translate these inputs into finished customer solutions. With the new 3D drawing program, we can quickly add customer changes and have

Rutek Introduces New 3,000mm Roller

At Rutek we seek to continuously optimise our processes, update machinery and retrain employees to produce as efficiently as possible. The latest machinery investment is a new Faccin 3,100mm roller, which is already installed and ready to produce. "The new roller can roll stainless ste

Rutek Gains New Stainless-Steel Welding Certification

As part of its ongoing commitment to the pharmaceutical industry Rutek has been working towards a new certification, and is pleased to announce that it is now certified to weld PED-approved pressure tanks / containers in the stainless-steel material SAF2507 (EN 1.4410). The material is also known

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