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Manufacturer of Machines for Automatic Visual Inspection of Pharmaceuticals

Sensum is a high-tech company founded in 2000 that develops, produces and sells innovative automatic visual inspection systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Specialising in the development and production of automatic visual inspections, Sensum caters for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.

As a result of its constant innovation, many leading multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer, Eli Lilly and Teva have recognised Sensum as one of the leading technology experts, as well as a favoured provider of machines for automatic visual inspection. We provide answers for top quality inspection of capsules, tablets, transparent softgels and in-line PAT solutions for real-time visual monitoring of pharmaceutical practices.

SPINE for inspection and sorting of tablets, capsules and softgels

SPINE is an all-in-one automated machine for 100% visual inspection and sorting of tablets, capsules and softgels. Various types of tablets can be inspected, such as coated or uncoated, multilayer, laser-drilled or those with engraving. The machine can inspect full or empty capsules, as well as those with print or that are transparent. Softgels may also be opaque, transparent or seamless and printed in irregular shapes.

The machine automatically inspects the entire surface of a product with six colour cameras at the speed of up to 630,000 products per hour. An intuitive, user-friendly graphical interface provides simple operation and training for the inspection of new products.

The product manipulation is the foundation of reliable imaging and high quality inspection.
SPINE represents the ultimate 100% inspection and sorting solution for tablets, capsules and softgels.
Sensum computer vision systems can reliably detect wide range of critical, major, and minor defects.
SPINE FIBO combines the inspection performance of Sensum SPINE with high speed counting and bottle filling.
SPINE FIBO removes the risk of product damage after inspection and before bottle filling.
SPINE HYPO enables 100 % inspection and sorting of highly potent tablets, capsules and softgels in containment.
STREAM Core is the latest innovation for efficient and autonomous colour visual inspection and sorting of capsules.
HELIX Core is a modular machine for lifting, dedusting and polishing of tablets, capsules and softgels.
PATVIS APA is a PAT tool designed for real-time visualisation, monitoring and diagnostics of process development, scale-up, transfer and production.
PATVIS APA can be used for pellet coating processes, by measuring pellet coating thickness and pellet agglomerate fraction.

The machine has an active sorting system with verification for both good and defective products, which ensures fail-safe and reliable operation.

SPINE FIBO for inspection, counting and bottle filling of tablets, capsules and softgels

SPINE FIBO is one of the first machines that combines 100% visual inspection and sorting with counting and bottle filling. Typically, the inspection process and bottle filling process do not take place in the same room. Issues arise when products face damage after inspection, which is possible due to human error or simply due to material handling. SPINE FIBO eliminates such risks by sorting the defective products before bottle filling.

Bottle filling on SPINE FIBO requires no flaps, preventing products from getting stuck, as well as product damage between inspection and a bottle. Furthermore, SPINE FIBO fills bottles continuously, ensuring no possibility of products clogging on a bottleneck. Its ergonomic and user-friendly design makes SPINE FIBO simple to use, requiring only one operator for machine setup and cleaning. The changeover from one product to another takes place over 30 minutes.

SPINE HYPO inspection and sorting of highly potent tablets, capsules and softgels

The SPINE HYPO machine delivers the inspection and sorting performance similarly to the standard Sensum SPINE machine and also includes containment concepts, such as separation of process area with a barrier and negative pressure and air filtering. SPINE HYPO can be equipped with closed feeding and discharging systems for complete isolation of a contaminated area.

Glove ports and rapid transfer ports (RTP) are used to provide safe admission without exposing the user to contagions. Cleaning is simple and is achieved with a minimal amount of contaminated parts, dry cleaning with aspiration, as well as wet cleaning for powder binding and wash down.

STREAM Core, the latest innovation for automatic visual inspection of capsules

STREAM automatically inspects products at speed up to 120,000 products per hour, where products are manipulated in 8 parallel and independent lines on a conveyor belt. The design of the machine allows efficient and autonomous operation in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical environment, with control via a user-friendly graphical interface.

The interface provides simple operation and set-up for the inspection of new products. The ergonomic design with a small number of change parts simplifies changeover, cleaning and maintenance.

HELIX Core for automatic lifting, dedusting and polishing of tablets, capsules and softgels

HELIX Core is a machine for vertical lifting, dedusting and polishing of tablets, capsules and softgels of numerous forms and dimensions. Products are transported smoothly to varying heights at a changeable speed and controlled through a comprehensible graphical interface.

Compact, mobile and modular design makes HELIX CORE ready to use in a wide variety of production and packaging processes, such as tablet pressing or coating, capsule filling or weighting, metal checking, blistering, bottle filling, with simple cleaning and low maintenance.

Process analytical technology visual inspection system for automated particle analysis (PATVIS APA)

PATVIS APA provides instantaneous visualisation, monitoring and diagnostics of process development, scale-up, transmission and manufacture. There are three levels of PATVIS APA operation and the user selects the level of leveraging for the acquired visual information of the process, providing the benefits of quality by design.

PATVIS APA offers real-time visualisation, monitoring and automated analysis of the dimension and form of particles. A portable, ergonomic and tool-free design enables non-invasive, fast and simple installation to existing viewing ports of fluid bed process equipment.

An intuitive graphical user interface is used to follow process parameters’ trends, distributions and also features options, such as viewing process in slow motion and monitoring of batch-to-batch reproducibility. PATVIS APA, which is compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and ATEX, can be used with a standalone benchtop for at-line and off-line inspection.

About Sensum

Located in Slovenia, Sensum is a hi-tech company with around 75 employees. Our company has been a member of Technology Park Ljubljana since its foundation in 2000. We have a background in image analysis and processing and have a strong relationship with the research and development (R&D) team at the Laboratory of Imaging Technologies, Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. In doing so, we keep in touch with the latest scientific developments.

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