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AI-Powered Solutions to Accelerate Clinical Trials

Science4Tech streamlines clinical trials with AI-powered solutions.


Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167, 08025 Barcelona – Spain

Driven by a mission to accelerate life-saving treatments, Science4Tech empowers pharmaceutical and biotech companies to revolutionize clinical trials with cutting-edge technological solutions. We bridge the gap between innovation and impact, ensuring research quality, rigor, and reliability while expediting drug development. Our solutions leverage the power of AI and other groundbreaking technologies to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and enhance data access, ultimately bringing therapies to market faster and more effectively.

From study design to real-time data monitoring and analysis, Science4Tech offers a fully integrated suite of technological solutions designed to optimize every stage of your clinical trial journey. Our experts work closely with you to understand your specific needs and goals, tailoring our solutions to deliver maximum impact and efficiency. Whether you’re navigating complexities in Phase I studies or ensuring data integrity in Phase III trials, Science4Tech empowers you to achieve faster timelines, reduce costs, and ultimately, bring life-changing therapies to patients sooner.

Precision Clinical Trial Site Selection

NexTrial©, Science4Tech’s revolutionary data analytics solution, takes the guesswork out of clinical trial site selection. This powerful tool effortlessly matches your research needs with the ideal medical facilities, ensuring optimal demographic alignment and efficient patient recruitment.

Powered by advanced data analytics, NexTrial© uncovers premier institutions perfectly suited to your trial objectives. Gain unparalleled insights into each potential site, including incidence data, strength analysis, performance metrics and investigators qualifications.

Clinical Data Extraction with AI

Science4Tech’s CapTrial© is a cutting-edge software solution designed to streamline clinical data extraction and accelerate drug development. CapTrial© leverages advanced data processing to seamlessly extract, organize, and contextualize information from electronic health records (EHRs). Gain valuable insights and automate the generation of up-to-date electronic case report forms (eCRFs), synchronized with real-time EHR updates.

CapTrial© initiates at the data source, processing the connected EHR data extraction including patient anonymisation. To guarantee full traceability and compliance, the data and metadata are securely encrypted and transmitted to the Cloud, where they are processed and structured to automatically generate the eCRFs. This reduces errors and automates the labour-intensive tasks that are required for data entry and form generation, allowing researchers, medical professionals and sponsors to focus on advancing healthcare innovation instead.

Ensuring a Highly Qualified Patient Pool

Struggling to find the right patients for your clinical trials? Science4Tech’s MatchTrial© platform uses cutting-edge algorithms to streamline patient recruitment in oncology. By matching patients’ diagnoses with suitable clinical trials, MatchTrial© ensures you reach highly qualified participants who are actively engaged in the research process. This patient-centric approach not only saves you time and resources but also increases trial success rates.

Regulatory-Compliant Clinical Trial Management System

Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and data silos. Science4Tech’s ParTrial©, a regulatory-compliant clinical trial management system (CTMS), delivers a unified platform to streamline your entire clinical trial journey. Automate manual tasks, improve efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance with confidence.

ParTrial© empowers your team with real-time visibility and collaboration tools. Study teams, researchers, coordinators, and other stakeholders work seamlessly from a centralized hub, planning, executing, and monitoring trials with ease. Boost productivity, transparency, accuracy, and success rates, benefiting sponsors, CROs, researchers, and ultimately, patients who receive faster access to life-changing therapies.

Enhancing Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials

Science4Tech’s InTrialCare© revolutionizes patient engagement, transforming the way we connect and understand individuals participating in clinical trials. Fostering a direct connection between patients and researchers, InTrialCare© unlocks real-time insights, empowering informed decision-making throughout the development process.

Imagine gathering immediate patient feedback to rapidly adjust protocols, maximizing drug efficacy and study design. Picture providing instant information about the trial, boosting trust and adherence. InTrialCare© delivers both, driving deeper understanding of patient experiences and preferences for optimized trial conduct and outcomes.

About Science4Tech

Science4Tech has emerged as a dynamic spin-off company that aspires to be a catalyst of scientific knowledge. We harness the capabilities of technology and AI to propel clinical research advancements for the greater benefit of all. Being rooted in oncology research, we have a unique view of the industry that allows us to identify challenges and redefine possibilities.

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Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167, 08025 Barcelona – Spain

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