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Filtration and Screening Products

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Clear Edge Filtration is a leading global company supplying industrial filtration products and filter media to companies engaged in filtering liquids from solids, dewatering, collecting and filtering dust, air filtration, filtering and purifying hot gases and other niche industrial process applications.

Filtration products and filter media for the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry our products enable customers to increase product yield, streamline GMP manufacturing processes, increase profitability and ensure compliance. As a vertically integrated manufacturer with clean facilities for fabrication, we control and guarantee the integrity and traceability of our products from the sourcing of quality yarns through to weaving, finishing, fabrication and final distribution. Our products adhere to strict FDA21 CFR177 regulations.

Clear Edge Filtration products

With a network covering every continent, Clear Edge Filtration has the applications expertise and geographic reach to meet all requirements at every filtration stop in your process. Our products include:

Inline filter bags, dust collector bags, centrifuge bags, bonnet bags

Clear Edge Filtration supplies inline filter bags and housings that are used in laboratory analysis and polishing applications.

Clear Edge Filtration is a leading supplier of industrial filtration products and filter media.
Clear Edge Filtration has the applications expertise to meet all requirements at every filtration stop in your process.
Clear Edge Filtration products include inline filter bags, filter dryer cloths and pressure leaf filter bags.
The product range also includes connector sleeves, dust collector bags and centrifuge bags.

The company also offers pressure leaf filter bags, which are available in polyester, polypropylene and with specialty coatings for improved cake formation, in addition to replacement filter leafs for OEM designs.

The product range includes dust collector bags and pleated cartridges that are manufactured using woven or felted fabrics designed to withstand high temperatures or chemical attack. They feature sewn or welded seams used to filter dust generated in transferring, granulating, drying, pressing, coating, grinding and cutting applications.

Centrifuge bags are available in clean, contaminant-free yarns and materials. They are laser cut with welded/stitched seams.

Fluid bed dryer and bonnet bags are also available to fit most fluid bed dryer designs. They are designed for granulation, drying and coating applications and are an ideal choice for delicate substance filtration where capture rates are critical. These filter bags are available in conductive and non-conductive fabric styles.

Filter dryer cloths and filter press cloths

Filter dryer cloths are replacement filter media for chemical and pharmaceutical filter dryers. Filter dryer cloths from Clear Edge Filtration are designed for use with Cogiem, 3V Rosenmund, Guedu, Comber and many other brands of filtration equipment.

Filter press cloths are available in a wide range of fabrics, with traditional neck or patented Coreflo technology.

Neutche filter cloths and bags

Neutche filter cloths and bags have been engineered specifically for sensitive and hazardous material. They conform to pharmaceutical certification and traceability standards, and feature special flange designs to meet equipment specifications.

Filter paper, connector sleeves, replacement plates

Clear Edge Filtration supplies laboratory and industrial grades of filter paper. This absorbent, porous, non-woven fiber media is designed for the separation of solid particles from liquids and gases.

Connector sleeves / transfer chutes offer a dust-tight flexible transfer solution for powder intensive applications, and are available in nylon, PVC and Kevlar explosion-proof materials.

Clear Edge Filtration also offers a large selection of replacement filter plates, which are utilized in various pharmaceutical filtration processing applications to ensure sterile operations.

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