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Eaton Corporation

Filtration Systems

70 Wood Ave. South,
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United States of America

For more than 50 years, Eaton has been a trusted business partner with pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Whether pre-filtration or sterilizing-grade filtration, fermentation broth, fine chemicals or filling of OTC products, Eaton filtration systems are installed around the world helping companies manufacture life-saving and life-enhancing products. Whatever the compound mixed, the chances are that Eaton has developed a filtration solution that can make operations more efficient and reduce labor demands and maintenance cost while significantly improving finished product quality.

Our portfolio of liquid / solid filtration products includes the most efficient mechanically cleaned filters on the market, disc cleaning filters, magnetically coupled filters and strainers, automatic self-cleaning strainers, strainer baskets, screens and elements, backwash / tubular self-cleaning filters, gas / liquid separators, filter bags and cartridges, and filter housings required by today’s pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies. Eaton can custom-design housings and fabricate pipeline strainers for any application.

Services provided to the pharmaceutical industry include:

  • State-of-the-art testing lab facility
  • Long-term or short-term filtration equipment rental
  • Field service – inspections, start-up, repair, replacement and maintenance
  • Extensive network of manufacturer representatives and distributors
  • Worldwide technical support
  • Team of product specialists dedicated to providing filtration application engineering

Mechanically cleaned filters

Eaton’s range of mechanically cleaned filters, the MCF 824 Series, dramatically reduces product loss, requires minimal operator intervention and improves flow consistency. The MCF features an innovative design driven by a magnetically coupled cleaning disc. Designed specifically for the most challenging process liquids and conditions, it features the fastest cleaning action of the mechanically cleaned family.

Eaton’s disc cleaned filter range, the DCF Series, operates at a consistently low differential pressure and delivers simple, reliable operation in which a low initial investment is a key driving factor.

Mechanically cleaned strainers

Eaton’s range of mechanically cleaned strainers, the new patented High Flow MCS Series, is engineered to help conserve valuable process water while protecting costly equipment from debris. This new strainer design offers minimal purge volumes in fresh water applications, which saves on the cost of make up liquids and heating energy.

Automatic self-cleaning strainers

The Eaton automatic self-cleaning strainer is a motorized strainer designed for the continuous removal of entrained solids from liquids in pipeline systems. It has performed successfully in industrial, process water, and wastewater applications.

Filter bags

Eaton offers a full range of filter bags from economical sewn filter bags for standard applications to welded, multilayered bags for more demanding applications. Eaton filter bags meet the pharmaceutical industry’s exacting requirements whether it is for high flow rates, high dirt holding capacity, and low-pressure drops. Eaton filter bags are used for initial filtration or FDA-grade filter media for final product. Brands: UNIBAG™, PROGAF™, ACCUGAF™, LOFCLEAR™, DURAGAF™, CLEARGAF™, SENTINEL®, HAYFLOW™.

Filter cartridges

Eaton liquid process cartridges offer high-quality, high-performance and cost-effective solutions for common and difficult bulk pharmaceutical and other pharmaceutical processes. Applications include filtering high-purity water, buffers, nutrients, sanitizing and cleaning agents, fermentor feeds, intermediates and bulk pharmaceutical chemicals. The brands available are: LOFMEM™, LOFPLEAT™, LOFTREX™, LOFSORB™, LOFCLEAN™, LOFMET™.

Filter housings

Eaton offers a complete line of single and multi-bag filter housing designs. Single-bag filter housings range from those suitable for exacting absolute filtration application to high-quality housings designed especially for cost-sensitive applications. Multi-bag housings can accommodate up to 36 individual filter bags for flow rates up to 4,500gpm. Depending on the application, sanitary or industrial-style filter housings are available. The brands available are: MAXILINE™, TOPLINE™, SIDELINE™, DUOLINE™, MODULINE™, POLYLINE™, FLOWLINE™.

Gas / liquid separators

Eaton gas / liquid separators remove +99% of all damage causing moisture and solid particles 10µm and larger from steam, compressed air, and compressed gas.

Eaton UNIBAG® Filter Bag Receives Green Leaf Symbol for Sustainability

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton has announced that its UNIBAG filter bag has received the Eaton 'Green Leaf' symbol for sustainability. The filter bag's Green Leaf symbol will assure municipal and industrial users that the bag is environmentally friendly and provides substantial environ

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