About Frewitt:

Frewitt, with its expertise in powder grinding and milling, has emerged as a leading company in this domain by consistently staying ahead of its markets and creating tools to cater to evolving needs. With a comprehensive array of advanced solutions for grinding, homogenising, deagglomerating, conveying, dosing and filling all types of powders and granules, Frewitt is well-equipped to be the perfect collaborator for even the most intricate projects. Frewitt is based in Fribourg, Switzerland, and has subsidiary offices in the USA, Germany, China and India, making it a global player. Visit https://frewitt.com/en-us/ for more information.

About Devie Medical:

As of today, effective, and safe treatment of bacterial endocarditis remains one of the unmet medical needs in cardiology. Devie Medical seeks to transform the treatment of bacterial endocarditis with a revolutionary transcatheter platform for drug delivery. By merging cutting edge medical technology with a proprietary pharmacological concept, Devie Medical pushes the boundaries for cardiovascular interventions.

Application note:

Cryogenic milling is a popular technique for grinding heat-sensitive materials, as it minimises thermal degradation and prevents the material from melting or sticking to the machinery. To demonstrate the efficacy of cryogenic milling, we used a Frewitt Pin Mill PMC 160 to grind a heat-sensitive polymer for Devie Medical.

Freezing the material in liquid nitrogen before milling is important to transfer the elastic material into a brittle and thus grindable state. Adding liquid nitrogen to the milling chamber further compensates the heat generation during milling and keeps the properties of the product.

The Frewitt Pin Mill PMC 160 is an ideal tool for cryogenic milling, as it is equipped with a cooling system that can maintain the temperature at -196°C. The material is first pre-cooled in a separate chamber using liquid nitrogen and then fed into the Pin Mill for grinding. The Pin Mill’s high-speed rotation (up to 21,000rpm) ensures that the material is ground into fine particles, while the cooling system prevents any thermal damage.

The test results demonstrated that the Frewitt Pin Mill PMC 160 produced consistent and high-quality results, with no thermal degradation and a negligible loss of material. The cryogenic milling process also allowed Devie Medical to grind materials that were previously very difficult to process due to their heat sensitivity.

Overall, the Frewitt Pin Mill PMC 160 is a valuable tool for cryogenic milling applications, providing efficient and effective grinding solutions for a range of heat-sensitive materials.