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Pharmaceutical Fluid Bed Dryers, Filters and Filter Liners, Discs and Bags

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Sefar has provided high-quality filters to the pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years. Sefar’s pharmaceutical filters excel when processing both coarse and fine particle pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical fluid bed dryers

Pharmaceutical fluid bed dryers offer a gentle solution for drying, sizing, agglomerating or spray coating of delicate substances in powder form. They are ideal for many pharmaceutical industry processing applications.

Sefar has pioneered the design and fabrication of innovative pharmaceutical fluid bed dryer bags.

To reduce product loss through stitching holes all tubes are welded. A conductivity certificate of the assembled bag is included as well as a customised pharma label.

Fluid bed dryer bag with welded seams to minimise product loss.
Sefar’s pharmaceutical centrifuge filter liners and bags comply with stringent GMP protocols.
Filter nutsche bags with exclusive flanged bag design for faster setup time and easy product discharge.
Conductive PHARMA-Grade fabric with welded connection (no stitching holes).
Sefar's PHARMA fabric range is a specialised fabric line of limited concentration yarn-processing chemicals.

Pharmaceutical centrifuge filter liners and bags

Centrifuge filters are one of the most commonly used pharmaceutical filter devices. They offer solutions to difficult pharmaceutical separation challenges, and versatility for different batch-products.

Sefar’s pharmaceutical centrifuge filter liners and bags comply with stringent GMP protocols. Our fabrication techniques and fabrics are chosen to optimise the overall productivity of the pharmaceutical centrifuge, and special attention is given to the most demanding requirements.

Sefar manufactures pharmaceutical liners and bags for all makes and models of bottom discharge, top unload, peeler, and inverting pharmaceutical centrifuge filters.

Nutsche pharmaceutical filter discs and bags

Pharmaceutical nutsche filters combine reaction, drying and pressure filtration capabilities in one piece of equipment. The easy design makes it the workhorse of the pharmaceutical industry. Nutsche filters are well suited for handling flammable, toxic, corrosive and other sensitive or hazardous materials.

Our pharmaceutical filter discs and bags are designed for long service-life and trouble-free maintenance, and adhere to high pharmaceutical certification and traceability standards.

Pharmaceutical horizontal pressure disc filters

Pharmaceutical horizontal disc filters are mainly used for polishing filtrations for liquid products. They are also suitable for handling flammable, toxic, corrosive and other sensitive or hazardous materials when efficient cake washing and low moisture is required.

Designed for long service-life and trouble-free maintenance, our pharmaceutical disc filters meet all chemical performance standards.

Sefar PHARMA fabric

In today’s demanding economic environment, the pharmaceutical industry is under pressure to develop new and more sophisticated medicines. The result is a requirement to reduce production costs while meeting increasingly stringent compliance and regulatory standards.

According to FDA regulations, woven polymer filter media can be classified as an indirect food additive, and thus the yarn polymers should conform to CFR title 21, part 177.

Sefar has therefore created a specialised fabric line of limited concentration yarn-processing chemicals that are quantified through extractable testing.

Sefar PHARMA-Grade pharmaceutical filters

Sefar integrates all crucial steps from weaving to fabrication in the production of our filter media, and thus ensures the quality and traceability critical to the pharmaceutical industry.

This vertically-integrated capability has helped us design our PHARMA-Grade line of controlled and compliant pharmaceutical filters.

The most critical items are often those used on:

  • Horizontal and vertical peeler centrifuges
  • Bag centrifuges
  • Fluid bed dryers
  • Blenders / dryers
  • Nutsche filters / dryers

Sefar PHARMA fabric advantages

PHARMA fabric, made from our full line of high-quality fabrics, is the most important part of our pharmaceutical filtration products. The production of PHARMA fabric has been adapted to:

  • Meet FDA CFR title 21, part 177
  • Meet directive 90 / 128 / EEC
  • Provide extractable levels (total extraction with different solvents) below the tolerable limit of 1,000mg/m² of fabric area

Sefar PHARMA fabrication

Sefar’s specially designed PHARMA fabrication process meets the most critical pharmaceutical industry needs.

Sefar fabrication sites producing PHARMA-Grade products must implement defined GMP guidelines for:

  • Cleanliness and traceability of all material, components, and supply items / accessories used for fabrication
  • Manufacturing documentation and work instructions
  • Quality control and final inspection
  • Employee training
  • Packaging and labelling

The most important difference to classical fabrication is the strict limitation of the selection of usable fabrics and component items / accessories. Only specifically designated product manufacturing non-filtering components and supply item / accessories are used for PHARMA products.

All supply items / accessories with product contact are either FDA compliant, or have been thoroughly evaluated during extraction tests to ensure extractable levels do not exceed the tolerable limit of 1,500mg/m² of filter area with product contact.

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