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Translation Services for Pharmaceutical and Life Science Projects

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RWS Life Sciences offers translation, content management and intellectual property services for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies. We connect customers with people worldwide by communicating content at scale, to allow ideas and innovations to be protected and realised.

We provide localisation, translation and transcreation services, as well as translation management technology, machine translation and translation productivity tools, to help companies expand their reach globally.

Our solutions can help you make processes more efficient, lower translation costs, and expedite time to market. They can increase real value for your teams and ecosystem partners to improve outcomes for scientists, medical representatives, professionals, and patients.

Accurate translations for clinical trials

Translations are essential for advancing clinical trials, and RWS’ understanding of and emphasis on the life sciences industry allows us to confidently handle all translation requests.

RWS can confidently handle translation requests for clinical trials.
We maintain relationships with translators, instrument developers, and survey research experts worldwide to aid our translations.
All our regulatory translations go through several quality control stages before they are approved.

Our clinical trial management services begin by thoroughly analysing projects, allowing us to discern the most appropriate translation solution for each request and customise as necessary. We follow flexible procedures so we can deliver in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

Documents we can translate include protocols, protocol synopses, case report forms (CRFs), electronic clinical outcomes assessments (eCOAs), adverse event reports, electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs), patient records, and event logs.

Linguistic validation for clinical outcome assessments

RWS is a dependable partner for the linguistic validation and management of clinical outcomes assessments (COAs). Our translations are accurate and match the source instrument in conceptual and cultural terms, whether the assessment is for a patient, clinician or observer.

Our linguistic validation process is based on the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) patient-reported outcome (PRO) guidance document, as well as the good practice recommendations set out by the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR).

We partner with translators, interviewers, instrument developers, survey research experts, clinicians and in-country reviewers worldwide, allowing us to undertake each validation project with ease and scientific accuracy.

Regulatory document translation capabilities

Patient safety depends on accurate pharmaceutical product information, so RWS prioritises translating product materials accurately. Our industry specialisation and knowledge of regulatory standards and terminology guarantee accurate and timely translation.

All our translations are translated by two highly qualified linguists and undergo multilingual multimedia production, a further quality control edit, a final pre-production review, and a domestic review before being certified.

Our translations follow methods stipulated by global healthcare regulatory bodies, including the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

We can translate a wide range of pharmaceutical product documents, including patient information leaflets (PILs), summaries of product characteristics (SmPCs), pharmaceutical product information, packaging inserts, patient prescription information, and regulatory correspondence.

Translation services for medical and in-vitro devices

RWS’s translation experts and linguists are committed to handling the unique requirements of medical and in-vitro device projects, including labelling, product manuals and patents.

Through our ISO 13485-certified translation processes, routine risk assessment procedures, technology solutions, and intelligent use of translation memory, we can provide clients with translations of the highest possible quality.

Among other documents, we can translate packaging inserts and labels, usage instructions, operating and installation manuals, manufacturing procedures, patents, data sheets, regulatory compliance documents, and software applications.

About RWS Life Sciences

RWS has more than 60 years’ worth of translation experience and knowledge. We take clients’ content and ideas to worldwide audiences using our smart technology, deep expertise, and collective global intelligence.

We partner with pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, technology, financial services, legal, telecommunications and automotive companies, as well as governmental organisations, in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, and South America.

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    Life sciences-focused translation company RWS will be giving two presentations at this year’s International Society for Quality-of-Life Research (ISOQOL) conference. The trade show will take place in Calgary, Alberta, from 18-21 October.

  • Join Us at DIA Europe 2023 – 22-24 March in Basel, Switzerland

    For 35 years now, DIA EUROPE is the largest neutral event in the European life science industry – the knowledge hub between science, healthcare, and regulation – and the place to meet trusted colleagues and make new connections with the brightest minds passionate about advancing health priorities.

  • RWS to Attend ISPOR EU

    Key HEOR topics include medical technologies, clinical outcomes and real-world approaches in the healthcare sector. 

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  • RWS at DIA China 2022 in Suzhou, China, 21-24 July

    RWS is attending DIA China 2022 in Suzhou, China! We are excited to be reconnecting with the life sciences community in person as well as having our very own Jeremy Wang presenting on COVID’s impact on Language Best Practices in Drug Development.

  • RWS at DIA 2022 in Chicago, Illinois, 19-23 June

    RWS is excited to be speaking and exhibiting at DIA 2022 in Chicago, Illinois, alongside many other life sciences companies working in lifecycle drug development and pharmacovigilance. We look forward to reconnecting with the life sciences community in person, as well as presenting in the Innovation Theatre: Advances through adversity: How Covid-driven innovation are becoming best practices for pharmacovigilance!

101 East River Drive
East Hartford, CT 06108
United States of America

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