Specialty Pharma Solutions is a provider of specialty pharmacy services. It has professionals trained and experienced in the complex regimens and insurance management associated with specialty pharmaceutical products. Reimbursement specialists with experience in the management of private and public third-party insurance plans navigate the coordination of benefits, prior-authorisation hurdles, and care programs that exist for specialty drug therapies. Consultant pharmacists support physicians and patients with optimal health outcomes. The company offers on-site consultation by its pharmacist consultants, which includes a medication reconciliation and review of all medication that the patients are taking, specialty drugs for assessment of potential drug interaction, adverse effects, and long-term complications. They also provide counselling of specialty drug therapies, with monitoring and follow-up for patients. Consultant pharmacists at specialty pharma solutions conduct one-on-one consultations with patients at their physician’s clinic. Counselling regarding specialty drug therapies is provided with monitoring and follow-up to confirm that drug therapy is proceeding as required. The company’s onsite presence at the clinic allows patients to receive treatment without delay since the consultant pharmacist has immediate access to the physician, allowing therapy issues to be managed quickly.