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Temperature-Critical Sample Storage

Biostore UK provides critical sample storage, storage for temperature critical samples and temperature controlled sample storage. Other services include sample labelling, sample inventory control and monitoring, sample storage and stp checks and shipment of samples.

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Biostore UK has over 30 years’ experience in the area of ULT and low temperature storage and has been set up to meet the needs of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Working with some of the leading equipment manufacturers Biostore UK has positioned itself to be a market leader in the field of sample storage.

Storage for temperature-critical samples

Business is a risk, but no one wants to take risks with those samples which take weeks and months to generate, or retention samples that need to be kept but take up valuable space, or those samples that cannot be destroyed and need long term storage.

Whatever the reason, Biostore UK understands your need to operate at the highest level. With a full quality system and regular updates and auditing Biostore UK offers a cutting-edge solution to storing your temperature critical samples.

Biostore UK has over 30 years' experience in the area of ULT and low temperature storage.
Biostore UK offers the widest range of temperature controlled environments for sample storage.
Whether you need short or long term storage, a single vial or an entire freezer full of samples, Biostore UK can resolve your problem.

Temperature controlled sample storage

Biostore UK offers the widest range of temperature-controlled environments. Whether you need short or long term storage, a single vial or an entire freezer full of samples, talk to us to find out how we can resolve your problem.

Biostore UK will provide bespoke services to meet your requirements; whether storage only or a fully inclusive shipping package, Biostore UK has the experience to meet your expectations.

  • Controlled ambient store 20°C to 25°C
  • Cooled storage 2°C to 8°C
  • Low temperature storage -15°C to -25°C
  • Ultra low temperature -70°C to -90°C
  • Liquid nitrogen vapour storage -196°C
  • Humidity and CO2 controlled storage is also available

We can also offer long or medium term ICH stability storage for stability trials.

Biostore UK only uses fully validated equipment to look after your samples. Unlike competitor companies we have only one standard, and treat every client sample as equally important.

Sample labelling

Samples stored at low temperatures need to be labelled using materials which can stand up to the rigors of temperature change and high moisture levels.

We have an in-house labelling system which ensures the identity of a sample is never lost. Whether a single cryovial or several thousand samples, the integrity of the samples’ identity is assured.

Biostore UK has the experience to offer bespoke sample security measures. If you have concerns over ensuring sample integrity and being comfortable that nothing has tampered with the sample material, call us to discuss your concerns.

Sample inventory control and monitoring

Biostore UK uses the market leading ‘Item Tracker’ to maintain control over stored materials. This powerful software allows accurate configuration of the storage locations, providing accurate locations for your critical samples.

The infinitely configurable software, with audit trail and relational database components, provides a powerful tool to maintain strong control over the inventory we keep.

Sample storage and STP checks

Biostore UK offers a storage only service. Clients can arrange for shipment and collection of their materials using their own courier service.

On receipt shipping temperature will be verified against the sample transfer protocol (STP). Any samples not corresponding to the specification will be immediately notified to the client.

Samples will be verified against the STP inventory and then stored as appropriate. The full details and precise locations will be entered on the item tracker database.

Shipment of samples

Biostore UK aims to reduce the risk to your materials at every possible step. The greatest risk to sample material is in transit. Biostore UK can arrange the entire transit process for you.

Biostore UK works with a leading courier company who specialise in time critical shipments. Using the most time expedient route, Biostore UK will arrange for collection from your premises and onward shipment to our storage facility in Livingston, in the shortest possible time. All packaging will be taken care of.

Should you elect you use your own shipping service then Biostore UK is more than happy to accept this. If you require advice on package materials for shipping, we can provide expertise in this area.

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