Drugsales’ core business lies in distribution for the pharmaceutical, medical, surgical, and scientific sectors, representing leading manufacturers and supporting a comprehensive product portfolio.

The company supplies products to the Central Purchasing and Supply unit of Malta’s Ministry of Health, alongside privately owned hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

Drugsales endeavours to partner with further reputable providers of healthcare systems and products.

Market access and product placement strategies for the successful introduction of novel healthcare products in Malta

Drugsales excels in tendering fields, specialising in market research and product placement techniques. The company has effectively introduced novel products, technologies, and services to the market.

The company's motto 'Your Partner in Healthcare' signifies Drugsales' vision to maintain its place as one of the leading distributors of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the Maltese Islands.
Drugsales has dedicated warehouse space in excess of 1000m².
Providing pharmaceutical products directly to patient's homes, Drugsales offers a holistic service in the Maltese healthcare market.
To help ensure pharmacovigilance, Drugsales' field staff receive high-level training in reporting of adverse events.

In addition, Drugsales possesses a private licence in Malta to distribute certain pharmaceutical products directly to patients’ homes, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. This is currently used in the holistic service and supply model aimed at providing products for managing chronic renal disease.

Sales and marketing of medicinal products in Malta

Drugsales has a highly trained, experienced, and motivated team of professionals detailing the company’s various products in the medical and paramedical fields in Malta and Gozo. The firm invests in continued education and training of its sales and marketing personnel to help ensure they are experts in their field, which has contributed to the company’s recent success.

Temperature-controlled storage facilities for medical products

Drugsales is licensed by the Malta Medicines Authority as a wholesale dealer for pharmaceuticals, including biological and controlled drugs. Its dedicated pharmaceutical-grade, 1,000m² warehouse is located in the centre of Malta and the company’s in-house delivery and distribution system provides services directly to customers.

Drugsales stocks products for both public and private customers, focusing on timely delivery. All its warehouses are temperature and humidity controlled in line with industry standards of practice. Significant capacity for storage of refrigerated medicinal products is also available.

The company’s activities are carried out in strict observance of current good distribution practices (GDP) according to an in-house quality management system, which is audited regularly both internally and externally by the Malta Medicines Authority and suppliers of international repute.

Drugsales is currently undertaking a significant expansion in both its warehousing capacity and administrative set-up to serve further growth.

Drug registration, licence maintenance, and regulatory services for healthcare products

Drugsales has an extremely efficient team of pharmacists responsible for the regulatory affairs of medicinal products represented and distributed, including the registration of products in Malta and the maintenance of licences.

The company acts as a local liaison between the marketing authorisation holder and the appropriate authority, taking care of any local translations as necessary.

Pharmacovigilance related activities

For all medicinal products the company distributes, Drugsales is responsible for local aspects of pharmacovigilance. Its field and office staff are routinely trained in adverse event reporting.

Drugsales also has a system in place for the distribution and tracking of risk management measures and educational materials for the relevant healthcare professionals. The company’s systems are routinely audited and approved.

Maintenance and servicing of medical equipment in Malta and Gozo

Drugsales is responsible for the servicing and maintenance of medical equipment both in public and private hospitals in Malta and Gozo. This is performed by trained technicians with many years’ experience in the field.

About Drugsales

Drugsales distinguishes itself from competitors through its high-quality service and added value for the supply of products to each customer. The company takes pride in its ability to remain lean and effective, with a focus on achieving excellent results within a reasonable budget.

A key player in the area, the company has roots reaching 1843. It has been owned and managed by the same family across six generations and its current five directors are all de Petri family members.

Striving to be a leader in the Maltese Islands and one of the largest suppliers to Malta’s Government and private customers, Drugsales aims for excellence in all aspects of its functions. Drugsales boasts numerous market achievement awards from many of its suppliers. The company has more than 30 employees, with a balanced male-to-female ratio among the various departments of sales, marketing, logistics, regulatory, administration, finance, and business strategy.

In line with Drugsales’ company motto ‘Your Partner in Healthcare’, the company’s vision is to be the preferred distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in the Maltese Islands, delivering on obligations, and exceeding expectations with customers, suppliers, and patients alike.