ME Logistic Services specialises in transport management for lithium products and dangerous goods (DG).

The company utilises many years of experience to support authorisation and management for lithium and DG shipments, including repackaging and document preparation.

Its highly trained DG safety advisers also support disposal, storage, transfer, temperature control and pharmalogistics to comply with good distribution practice (GDP) requirements.

ME Logistic Services' wooden transport box is customised to hold cargo of several different weights.
The labelled metal drum is used for waste transport and disposal.
ME Logistic is able to transport lithium-based products.
The firm provides a refilling station for chemicals and flammable liquids.
The company offers one of the biggest lithium battery transport and extinction boxes on the market.

ME Logistic Services also supplies lithium battery transport packaging such as bulk packs and wooden boxes.

GPS-monitored vehicles transporting lithium and dangerous goods

ME Logistic Services uses high-quality equipment to manufacture temperature-controlled deliveries, as well as sells and rents temperature measurement equipment.

The GDP-certified company deploys GPS-monitored vehicles for the delivery of lithium batteries and DGs such as pharmaceuticals that require specific transportation requirements.

Its staff monitors each shipment and provides a thermo-progress record on delivery.

Lithium logistics services

ME Logistic Services supports the transportation of lithium batteries worldwide with services ranging from document preparation for authorisation submissions to packaging for serial or non-serial modules (prototypes).

The company builds customisable wooden pallets that meet the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) standards. The pallets can transport goods weighing up to 40t.

ME Logistic Services also provides recycling for used batteries or modules, as well as consulting services to ensure lithium products are stored in an environmentally friendly manner. Since January 2017, the firm has been developing a worldwide airborne return system for lithium batteries.

Storage picking and refilling solutions

ME Logistic Services offers order picking and storage for a wide range of goods across Europe.

For DGs, the company supplies both the packaging and any required Accord Dangereux Routier (ADR), International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines documents.

ME Logistic Services also fills solid or liquid goods such as temperature-sensitive products into a suitable container for storage and processing.