phasetwo™ provides cold storage products with a user-centric design, with the aim to enhance the customer experience by focusing on current industry needs.

Our products are designed to help clients meet the most fundamental demands of the pharmaceutical industry while exceeding their expectations on performance and quality.

Cold storage solutions for pharmaceutical products

phasetwo’s solutions include storage freezers, dry shippers, cryogenic preservation, and on-demand dry ice production. We provide these to support laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology, biobanks, research centres, and universities in their life sciences advancements.

Our cold storage products are designed to improve performance, predictability and monitoring at all points in the cold storage lifecycle. Our next-generation design and technology underscore our focus on the freezing, preservation and transportation of vital products.

phasetwo™ offers a full spectrum of cold storage products that have been re-engineered with a user-centric design.
phasetwo aims to offer the most technologically advanced and reliable cryogenic preservation equipment available.
phasetwo’s compact and user-friendly dry ice systems allow labs and clinics to make the necessary amount of ice when required, controlling their own supply.
phasetwo’s vapor shippers provide customers with the latest technology, providing enhanced product security.
Our focus on the freezing, preservation and transportation of vital products is highlighted in our next-generation design and technology.
The Cryo Blast Freezer is specifically designed to meet demanding freezing processes.

phasetwo works to reinvent cold storage solutions to meet our clients’ present-day needs. By listening to customers and digesting their feedback, we have created a durable, user-friendly shipping experience that includes LN2 vapour shippers, crucial ancillary accessories and technology-driven services.

Combined with our up-to-date, high-precision manufacturing, our logistics experience aims to meet our customers’ increasingly stringent standards. While other products on the market have not changed their designs for decades, phasetwo aims to meet the future demands of the pharma industry by offering advancements in design.

Regenerative medicine shipping and storage solutions

The development of breakthrough therapies continues to be led by advances in regenerative medicine manufacturing. A fully reliable cold chain is vitally important to this as cell, gene and tissue-based therapy products are often irreplaceable.

phasetwo aims to provide the most technologically advanced and reliable cryogenic preservation equipment available, including storage freezers, control rate freezers, blast freezers, dry shippers, aluminium dewars, and dry ice equipment.

On-demand dry ice for pharmaceutical projects

When trying to procure dry ice, smaller laboratories and clinics often experience shipping disruptions due to their relative size. Many also have to pay a premium price for packaged ice due to high distribution costs. In addition, usage rates of ice can fluctuate significantly in any given week or month, which often causes runouts or waste.

phasetwo’s compact, user-friendly dry ice systems are designed to allow labs and clinics to make as much ice as is required while saving money, giving them full control over their supply.

Field service and installation for storage solutions

phasetwo’s team can manage the field service and installation process for all our products safely and efficiently. The process includes site surveys, piping, installation, repairs, preventative maintenance, system evaluations, temperature mapping, and logistics services.

Our field service and installation teams consist of dedicated full-time service technicians, engineering professionals and technical support staff. They have more than 30 years’ experience across a variety of industries and are available to meet all our customers’ needs.

About phasetwo

phasetwo is a division of TOMCO2 Systems and has more than 175 years of combined industry experience. The company consists of proficient and practised individuals in the industry. With our supply chain reliability and substantial knowledge, we aim to be the future of cold storage and processing products.

phasetwo’s ethos is to make the world safer, cleaner and healthier through our cold chain solutions. We aim to create and enhance products for the future of cold storage solutions from conception to reality.

All our staff bring years of experience and expertise to our product offerings. To develop cold storage solutions fit for the modern era of technology and advancements, we seek to follow the best safety practices and provide the highest-quality products and services to our customers.