Soncotra provides secure transportation in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Balkans for the pharmaceutical industry.

Automatic locks for safely transporting pharmaceuticals

Soncotra uses fridge trailers equipped with an ELB electronic locking system to ensure the back doors are sealed automatically when closed by the driver.

The ELB lock is operated by entering a code on the keyboard in the back door of the trailer. It can also be used by a Soncotra dispatcher using an unlock Limo Lock command, which is forwarded from the company to the unit on the truck.

For added security, the driver’s code can only be used after the system is disarmed by the Soncotra dispatcher.

The company uses ELB locks to seal doors automatically when they are closed.

After loading, the driver puts the bulldog lock on the trailer as an extra precaution to prevent theft and other crimes.

Track and trace services for medical supplies

With the built-in Transics board computer, Soncotra is continuously informed of its trucks’ location. At any time, and regardless of its whereabouts, the driver can be contacted by the office.

The company’s tracing services for trucks and trailers, including GPS and GRPS, guarantees that the cargo will reach its final destination safely and efficiently.

Temperature monitoring and emergency measures of emergency vehicles

Soncotra follows the pharma delivery trucks using Euroweb, which checks the temperature on a regular basis.

Euroweb monitors the trucks 24 hours a day. If there is a temperature problem, Soncotra is informed immediately by SMS and email.

If there is an incident on the road, the driver can push a panic button, which sends a signal to the Eurowatch control tower and Soncotra’s dispatcher, who are informed via email and SMS alerts.

About Soncotra

Since 2014, Soncotra has been a customs carrier, meaning there are no convoy charges and border crossings are much quicker as the trucks do not have to wait.

The company offers group shipments and is able to unload at up to six different clients / customs terminals in Russia.

Soncotra has quality and safety certificates for ISO: 9001: 2008, Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS), and is an authorised economic operator (AEO).