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Cold Chain Management and Transportation Services for Pharmaceuticals

Win Transport Italy is an international distribution company for time-critical and temperature-sensitive medical products.



Win Transport Italy is an international distribution company for time-critical and temperature-sensitive medical products.

Operating from several major Italian airports, the company has a large dynamic network of logistics operators that manage the pharmaceutical cold chain, including the safe delivery of biological and high-risk goods.

Established in 2014, Win Transport Italy has consistently trained its personnel to provide customised solutions that meet client requirements. This strategy also allows the customer to have a single contact for all stages of the shipment.

Freight services for the biological and pharmaceutical cold chain

Win Transport Italy handles delicate and complex medical cargo while maintaining the quality and integrity of products. Shipments are precisely coordinated to meet the deadlines of both drug manufacturers and the end-user.

Win Transport Italy's drivers regularly renew their Accord Dangereux Routier (ADR) licences.
The company delivers pharmaceutical and biological cargo to international locations.
Win Transport Italy handles required documentation such as import permits and pro-forma invoices.
The company is a partner for the delivery of time-critical and temperature-sensitive materials.

The company has a high attention to detail and manages aspects ranging from the choice of appropriate packaging, to the preparation and verification of documents. These include pro-forma invoices, technical declarations and import permits.

The transport company implements a proactive approach to operations planning and follow-up for both imported and exported international shipments, providing clients with immediate feedback.

Delivery of time-critical and temperature-sensitive cargo

Win Transport Italy has a comprehensive range of transport services that are optimised to meet client requirements.

The company manages diagnostic and biological samples, experimental drugs, medical instruments and other products that require a constantly controlled environment. The company carries out controlled temperature transport products at room temperature, chilled (2°C-8°C) or frozen (-80°C) using liquid nitrogen. Throughout the flight, temperature variations are recorded by special data loggers and the cargo is certified on delivery.

Packaging for the import and export of medical products

Win Transport Italy’s experienced team quickly evaluates and designs customised cargo packaging to protect products while maintaining the required temperature.

The team prepares products for shipping and obtains the required documentation.

The company handles materials such as prototypes and samples for clinical trials, spare parts, machinery and exhibition material to reduce downtime on production lines and increase time-to-market.

Transportation solutions for dangerous goods

Win Transport Italy distributes products that require special shipping permits such as Accord Dangereux Routier (ADR), International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Action Organisation (ICAO). Ranging from flammable and chemical substances to drugs and biological samples, the company safely transports cargo by air and road.

The company’s hazardous goods vehicles feature all required signage and safety features, while their drivers have regularly renewed ADR licences. This network of highly skilled partners can transport products internationally and also maintain special requirements.

Win Transport Italy’s dangerous goods transport services include the correct labelling of packages and issuing of compulsory documents, which are carried out by highly trained staff.

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