Atlant Clinical – Two Years of Excellence in Out-Tasking Project

Atlant Clinical is celebrating two years of excellence in providing out-tasking services to a large pharmaceutical company.

The project was initiated in June 2016 and involved several types of technical tasks performed by a couple of Atlant’s employees. Atlant Clinical was responsible for electronic trial master file (eTMF) uploading, payment documents processing and act preparation. The results of the project were impressive: the number of mistakes and the timelines decreased dramatically. The sponsor decided to expand the scope of the project and the team involved.

Today, the project includes more than 20 task types and more than ten employees of Atlant Clinical. The project is headed by the company’s director of strategic projects. The unique experience and operational flexibility of Atlant Clinical enabled it to become a dedicated provider of an out-tasking model of outsourcing in the Eastern European region.

Out-tasking means sending selected technical tasks that do not need to be deeply integrated into the sponsor’s processes to an outside vendor for execution. Execution risks are minimised due to the technical nature of the tasks, and the extensive training of Atlant Clinical professionals in accordance with specific client requirements.

Chief executive officer of Atlant Clinical, Michael Groubman, said: “We are grateful to our sponsor for placing its trust in Atlant Clinical. The out-tasking project is strategically important for us. It makes Atlant Clinical a unique provider of this lean outsourcing model in Eastern Europe and the CIS region. We would be more than happy to offer this approach to other sponsors operating in the region and beyond.”

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