Anhydro Launches the First Truly Aseptic Spray Dryer - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Anhydro Launches the First Truly Aseptic Spray Dryer

Anhydro has launched an advanced pharmaceutical spray dryer for aseptic and high containment processing. The spray dryer, MicraSpray (MS) 35, has now been further developed, conforming to regulatory requirements for truly aseptic production of sterile pyrogen-free powders. Applications include processing biotechnology products and other novel drug compounds.

The innovative design of the MicraSpray 35 aseptic includes sterilizing drying gas filtration, sterilization and depyrogenation in place by means of hot dry gas, assisted by conductive heating and selective steam sterilization. The compact design of the MicraSpray 35 facilitates the use of isolator technology to create a sterile process environment and provide high-containment operator protection.

According to Anhydro technology director, Robert Turok, Anhydro aseptic spray drying technology offers a number of benefits compared to lyophilization. Injectable powders can now be produced, enhancing particle morphology and flow characteristics by controlling particle size and shape, using a fast, continuous and robust process with lower installation and operating costs.

Products already processed using aseptic spray drying technologies include vaccines, proteins/peptides, antibiotics, plasma volume replacements, and dry forms of contrast liquids.

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