Anhydro China Awarded Contract for Thermal Compression Tubular Evaporation System - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Anhydro China Awarded Contract for Thermal Compression Tubular Evaporation System

In order to meet the increased demand for Vitamin C for food and pharmaceutical applications, Zhengzhou Tuoyang Industry Company, a major producer of Vitamin C in China, has recently put a new production line in operation.

Anhydro China was awarded the contract for a three effect thermal compression tubular evaporation system with a capacity of 15t/hr water evaporation. By using Anhydro’s energy-efficient evaporation technology and specially designed distribution nozzle system, Vitamin C feed is concentrated from 12% to 37.5% solids with less than 0.21kg steam per kg evaporated water. This results in a substantial energy saving of about 10%-15% as compared with local standard; moreover, it increases the actual production hours on a yearly basis thanks to Anhydro’s sophisticated liquid distribution technology.

Zhengzhou Tuoyang Industrial Company vice president Mr. Liu said: "We have taken a decision to buy a first-class system as we wanted to have the latest technology in order to produce Vitamin C in an environmental friendly and energy-efficient way. Anhydro has supplied an evaporation system in less than five months and the start-up of the process was achieved in a few days. We were very pleased with the expertise of the Anhydro engineering staff from both the Chinese and US offices. Inexperienced enterprises merely compare face prices when they make critical purchase decisions such as this; from our experiences, we realise receiving a whole package as offered by Anhydro, i.e. higher efficiency, more energy-saving and longer equipment-running hours, in the end leads to a simple fact that every Yuan invested is very well spent."

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