Clinical trials across several therapy areas have been severely affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

GlobalData conducted a survey to identify primary business concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak by company role.

Concerns regarding delays in clinical trials dominate across organisationsPrimary Clinical Trial Concerns Related to the Covid-19 Outbreak by Company Role

An assessment of the survey reveals that the concerns regarding inability or delays in initiating clinical trials mostly dominate across all respondent groups.

Around 34% of the contract research organisations (CROs) identified such delays as their primary concern, while 30% of other contract service providers felt the same.

Approximately 29% of government/academic institutes, 27% of clinical/ investigator sites and 27% of Pharma/ Biotech also highlighted the inability or delay to initiate clinical trials as the primary concern.

Impact on clinical trial participants was the highest concern among other contract service providers (29%), followed by Pharma/ Biotech (28%), CROs (24%), government/academic institutes (21%) and clinical/ investigator sites (18%).

Clinical/Investigator sites (32%) were most worried about the safety of the patients recruited in trials. Around 29% of government/academic institutes, 26% of CROs, 24% of Pharma/ Biotech organisations and 19% of other contract service providers shared similar views.

The survey also found that the government/academic institutes (21%) were the most concerned respondent group about the negative impact on planned goals submitted to regulatory agencies compared with others. The figure stood at 13% for Pharma/ Biotech, 13% for other contract service providers, 9% for clinical/investigator sites and 6% for CROs.

Around 9% of clinical/investigator sites were most concerned about loss of investment. The percentage stood at 8%, 8% and 6% for Pharma/ Biotech, CROs and other contract service providers, respectively.

Around 5% of clinical/investigator sites, 4% of other contract service providers, 2% of CROs and 1% of Pharma/ Biotech cited other concerns.

The analysis is based on responses received for the Coronavirus Survey – COVID-19 and Decentralised Clinical Trials conducted by GlobalData between 04 June and 22 June 2020.