Decentralised trials (DCTs) or virtual trials are those that allow patients to participate in the studies without visiting the clinic site.

The use of DCTs soared following the COVID-19 pandemic after lockdowns were imposed and several restrictions were placed on movement.

GlobalData conducted a survey to assess pre-pandemic DCT use by company role.

Nearly half of other service providers started using DCTs before pandemicPre-pandemic Decentralised Trial Use by Company Role

The survey found that nearly half (49%) of other contract service providers started using DCTs before the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes CMOs, bioanalysis, training, consulting, software and digital solution providers for clinical trials.

The adoption rate of virtual trials before coronavirus stood at 42% and 36% for CROs and clinical/ investigator sites, respectively.

The survey also found that only 19% of Pharma/ Biotech and 14% of Government/ Academic Institutes explored DCTs before the pandemic hit the world.

The analysis is based on responses received from the GlobalData Coronavirus Survey -– Pharmaceutical Imports/Exports and Supply Chain,​ fielded between 04 June and 22 June 2020.