The Covid-19 crisis has impelled the pharmaceutical companies to explore new strategies in a bid to address pandemic related clinical trial disruptions.

GlobalData conducted a survey to identify the key strategies that the companies are adopting to tackle clinical trial disruptions due to the coronavirus outbreak.

RPM emerges as key strategy to address Covid-19 related clinical trial disruptionsAddressing Clinical Trial Disruptions Related to the Covid-19 Outbreak

An analysis of the survey results shows that a signficant number of the companies have turned to remote patient monitoring (RPM) following new guidance from regulatory authorities that supported remote monitoring during the Covid-19 outbreak.​

Approximately 17% of the respondents stated that they were switching to RPM, which involves monitoring clinical trial patients over phone, email or patient portal.

Another 15% were planning to move to decentralised/ virtual trials for future programmes, while 14% are exploring remote site initiation visits for critical trials.

Furthermore, 13% of the companies asked their research staff to work remotely, while 11% were adopting direct-to-patient (DTP) drug delivery.

A total of 9% of the respondents halted screening or enrolment for all clinical trials and another 7% stopped initiating any new trial.

The survey also found that 7% of the companies are prioritising enrolment for certain clinical trials and the remaining 7% were pursuing remote safety lab collections.

The analysis is based on responses received from the Coronavirus Survey – COVID-19 and Decentralised Clinical Trials conducted by GlobalData between 04 June and 22 June 2020.