GlobalData conducted a survey on industry professionals across various geographies to identify the key factors for a successful digital transformation.

In the survey, strong leadership emerged as the most important factor garnering maximum number of votes from North America (70%), Europe (67%) and Asia Pacific (50%) regions.

Creating a constant culture of change, which helps companies to be in better positions to adopt new technologies, received the second highest number of votes.

Around 59% of respondents from Europe selected the factor of building a constant culture of change as a key prerequisite for successful digital transformation. It was followed by North America (51%) and Asia Pacific (43%).

The survey also found that importance of adequate collaboration between IT and business lines is higher in Asia Pacific (43%), compared to North America (38%) and Europe (36%).

Around 40% of the respondents in North America believe sufficient funding to be the most important factor for digital transformation. Similar opinion was shared by 33% and 21% respondents in Europe and Asia Pacific respectively.

The percentage of respondents selecting strong cyber security strategy/ programme was 21%, 17% and 14% in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe respectively.

Furthermore, the industry professionals from North America (21%) and Europe (19%) gave higher importance to adherence to regulations and compliance. Only 7% in Asia Pacific voted for the same factor.

Approximately 22% of the respondents in North America opined support received by technology/telecommunication suppliers​ to be the primary factor for successful digital transformation. Around 14% and 9% of the respondents in Asia Pacific and Europe respectively, believed in the same factor.

Strong leadership dominates as key factor for digital transformation across geographies

Factors for Successful Digital Transformation, a Closer Look by Geography

Partnership with start-ups and disruptors received maximum responses from North America (19%), followed by Europe (14%) and Asia Pacific (14%).

The analysis is based on Digital Transformation and Emerging Technology in the Healthcare Industry, 2020 survey, fielded between 17 September and 06 October 2020.