4T1 Triple Negative Mouse Breast Cancer Cell Line and Other Preclinical Oncology Models

4T1 is a triple-negative mouse breast cancer cell line. Pharmatest utilises a 4T1 cell line with stable expression of green fluorescent protein (GFP) enabling easy and efficient detection of whole-body tumour burden. Use of immunocompetent mice in 4T1 models allows efficacy testing of immonomodulatory compounds. When 4T1 cells are inoculated orthotopically into mammary fat pads, they metasize to the lungs. Study duration for the spontaneous development of metastases to lungs it 24 days. However, when the cells are inoculated intracardially, metastatic growth can be observed in the bones, muscles, brain, and visceral organs. The model has rapid development of lytic bone metastases with a study duration of 13 days. Download this free whitepaper to find out more about this model and other preclinical oncology models.

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