As a tech innovator, KAI has developed a Conversation Intelligence platform that not only helps clients gain deep actionable insights from the nuances of human interaction but also helps them to accelerate performance. KAI leverages a combination of audio, text, and facial artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up the improvement cycle. This unique patent-pending approach to conversation analysis has positioned KAI as an innovator in the field, earning them an award for Innovation in the 2023 Pharmaceutical Technology Excellence Awards.

KAI’s innovative conversational intelligence platform

By identifying the key components that forge an emotional connection and lead to positive outcomes, KAI’s KonversationDNA™ guides users towards more impactful conversations. This is particularly crucial in the Pharmaceutical industry and in healthcare, where clear communication can significantly influence health outcomes. One Top 20 global pharmaceutical client increased their sales by 300% through the use of the technology, while another increased the depth and breadth of medical liaison engagements by 35% and 200% respectively for a new drug launch.

KAI Interactive portal
Individual conversation analysis and feedback via interactive portal

KAI’s platform is the first of its kind to integrate acoustic, textual, and facial emotion AI, providing a comprehensive analysis of conversations. This tri-fold approach allows for a deeper understanding of the hidden human insights that drive effective communication. In the NHS, Foundation Dr’s showed an improvement of over 50% in patient satisfaction around a breaking bad news scenario.

KAI Conversations

Tailored insights for the pharmaceutical industry

KAI’s platform analyses face-to-face and remote conversations between field teams and healthcare professionals, offering insights that are customised by treatment area and engagement scenarios.

KAI’s real-time analysis provides personalised recommendations to help improve performance at an individual level. The aggregated data shown in interactive dashboards provides immediate feedback to capability, field force effectiveness and brand leaders. Feedback includes not just what was shared and how this was delivered but crucially how it was received. Providing insight on sales models, emotional intelligence, and proposition testing. This is critical for making swift adjustments that can help nurture customer relationships and improve sales outcomes.

KAI aggregated insights
Aggregated insights in interactive dashboard for campaign course correction

Adoption and scalability

KAI’s platform has been adopted by top 20 global pharma businesses and by the NHS. The platform’s multi-lingual capabilities allow for benchmarking across major markets, ensuring that its insights are universally applicable and culturally sensitive.

Furthermore, KAI’s platform is finely tuned for each type of conversation, whether commercial, market access, medical science liaisons, patient interactions, coaching, or conflict resolution. The platform is tuned specifically to each therapy area, including cardiovascular, diabetes, oncology, respiratory, vaccines, and more, demonstrating its versatility and depth.

“I am delighted for the recognition the team at KAI Conversations is receiving through this award. We have worked tirelessly to bring the most actionable insight into Healthcare from our AI-powered conversation intelligence application. The ground-breaking, patent-pending work, focussing on the emotional connection between participants in conversations, is having a profound effect on conversation outcomes. Using AI, KAI’s innovation is helping pharma professionals accelerate performance and engagement globally at a cost and scale hitherto unimaginable.  Between field pharma and healthcare professionals, where it is progressing campaign optimisation and in clinical patient interactions, where it is improving patient experience. We are excited about a future where KAI can improve emotional intelligence and provide real-time guidance, acting as an EQ Co-Pilot” – David Williams, CEO, KAI.

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