GlobalData research has found the top biosimilar influencers based on their performance and engagement online. Using research from GlobalData’s Influencer platform, Pharmaceutical Technology has named ten of the most influential people and organisations in biosimilars on Twitter during Q2 2020.

Biggest biosimilar influencers: The top ten in Q2 2020

1. RAPS (@RAPSorg)

The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) is a non-profit organisation providing training, research, and other tools to people involved in the regulation of healthcare and related products.

Founded in 1976, the association provides support for the regulation of products such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and nutritional products. The organisation helps in ensuring good regulatory practices and policies for public health.

Twitter followers: 10,169

GlobalData influencer score: 100

2. Biosimilars101 (@biosimilars101)

Biosimilars101 provides news and information about the safety and use of biosimilars, or FDA-approved biologic medicines for patients and physicians alike. The posts shared on the influencer’s Facebook page range from studies and articles supporting the use of biosimilars and articles busting the myths surrounding biosimilars.

Twitter followers: 7,169

GlobalData influencer score: 96

3. Biosimilars Council (@BiosimsCouncil)

The Biosimilars Council is an organisation that seeks to create a positive environment for affordable access to biosimilar medicines for all consumers. The council is a part of the Association for Accessible Medicines (formerly Generic Pharmaceutical Association or GPhA), a trade association representing manufacturers of generic pharmaceutical products.

The organisation educates the public about the legal affairs, regulatory environment, and access to biosimilar medicines. Members of the council include companies and stakeholders developing biosimilar medicines.

Twitter followers: 9,541

GlobalData influencer score: 70

4. Biosimilars Forum (@USBiosimilars)

Biosimilars Forum is an association that works towards the increased adoption of biosimilars in the US. As a non-profit organisation, the association focuses on improving healthcare as well as expanding the access and availability of biological medicines. It also provides information to support public policies that advocate the use and adoption of biosimilars.

Twitter followers: 8,025

GlobalData influencer score: 68


The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) represents Europe’s pharmaceutical industry. Its members comprise pharmaceutical companies, national associations, and small and medium-sized enterprises, who research, develop, and deliver new medicines, vaccines and therapies to Europe and across the world.

Twitter followers: 23,361

GlobalData influencer score: 65

6. Annemarie Vroom (@AnnemarieVtW)

Annemarie Vroom is a consultant and a PhD in organic chemistry. She is currently a freelance science writer for Science Journalist Biologics & Biosimilars in the Netherlands. She writes about biologics, monoclonal antibodies, and biosimilars. Vroom has contributed towards many scientific, pharmaceutical, and industrial journals in the past.

Twitter followers: 2,892

GlobalData influencer score: 64

7. Lione lreichardt (@LionelREICHARDT)

Lione lreichardt is a healthcare technologist and founder of 7C’s HEALTH by PHARMAGEEK®, a communication and consulting firm. He also blogs on health on PHARMAGEEK®, and is a digital transformation facilitator. Lione also co-founded the pharmaceutical company, Club Digital Pharma, which informs and educates on digital technologies applied to pharmaceutical and related businesses.

Twitter followers: 45,905

GlobalData influencer score: 62

8. DIA (@DrugInfoAssn)

The Drug Information Association (DIA) is a global, non-profit association supporting a network of science professionals to address the challenges in the field of life sciences. Formed in 1964, DIA serves as a platform for professionals, peers and patients to discuss and share information on training courses, product development workshops, therapeutic innovation, and more.

Twitter followers: 13,516

GlobalData influencer score: 60

9. Elaine Blais (@eblais2)

Elaine Blais is a patent litigator who specialises in areas such as biosimilars, consumer goods, medtech, pharmaceuticals, and more. She currently serves as partner and head of litigation at the global law firm Goodwin. She is also the founding editor of the Big Molecule Watch blog, and has represented top brands such as Gillette (P&G).

Twitter followers: 700

GlobalData influencer score: 58

10. Andrew F Bourgoin (@AndrewFBourgoin)

Andrew F Bourgoin is the director for biosimilar market access strategy and business planning at Boehringer Ingelheim. He is an expert on the US biosimilars market and specialises in marketing, forecasting and competitive intelligence. He has previously worked in various capacities in companies such as Adello Biologics, a biotechnology company, and Thomson Reuters, a news service provider.

Twitter followers: 776

GlobalData influencer score: 52