Where are pharmaceutical companies focusing their big data hiring efforts?
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Where are pharmaceutical companies focusing their big data hiring efforts?

By Michael Goodier 20 Jul 2021 (Last Updated July 21st, 2021 10:38)

Companies are increasingly hiring for big data roles in the pharmaceuticals sector, but some parts of the world are proving more attractive than others

Big data is an area which has seen rapid growth across a variety of industries in recent years – not least among pharmaceutical companies.

Figures show that the number of new big data roles being advertised for these companies has increased in recent months – with firms across the industry looking to expand their capabilities.

The number of newly advertised roles stood at 813 in Q1 2021. That’s up from 507 in Q4 2020 and up from from 480 in Q3 2020.

The figures are compiled by GlobalData, who track the number of new job postings from key companies in various sectors over time. Using textual analysis, these job advertisments are then classified thematically.

GlobalData's thematic approach to sector activity seeks to group key company information by topic to see which companies are best placed to weather the disruptions coming to their industries.

These key themes, which include big data, are chosen to cover "any issue that keeps a CEO awake at night".

By tracking them across job advertisements it allows us to see which companies are leading the way on specific issues and which are dragging their heels - and importantly where the market is expanding and contracting.

Where are companies hiring for big data careers in pharmaceuticals?

Looking across key pharmaceutical companies tracked by GlobalData, the US is currently seeing the largest number of big data job advertisisments. Last quarter the country saw 383 advertisements - up from 240 in Q4 2020 and 244 in Q3 2020.

On a city level, Bengaluru (India) had the most newly advertised big data roles in Q1 2021 with 38, followed by Warsaw, (Poland) with 36, and Hyderabad, (India) with 30.

Where is seeing the most growth for big data roles in pharmaceuticals?

The biggest growth area has been in the US - which saw 230 job adverts for big data in Q4 2020, increasing to 383 in Q1 2021.

In terms of cities, firms are increasing big data hires in Hyderabad - with 30 roles in the latest quarter - up from zero in the previous one.


GlobalData’s unique Job analytics enables understanding of hiring trends, strategies, and predictive signals across sectors, themes, companies, and geographies. Intelligent web crawlers capture data from publicly available sources. Key parameters include active, posted and closed jobs, posting duration, experience, seniority level, educational qualifications and skills.