The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) has awarded a multi-year contract to the Sabin Vaccine Institute for developing and producing single-dose vaccine candidates for Ebola Sudan and Marburg virus diseases.

BARDA, part of the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR) of the US Department of Health and Human Services, will initially invest around $35m for the production of up to 100,000 doses of the Ebola Sudan virus (ChAd3-SUDV) vaccine.

The funding will expand to up to $214m for advancing the vaccine candidates’ development and production for Ebola Sudan and Marburg viruses. Currently, there are no licensed vaccines against these viruses.

Sabin stated that the ChAd3-SUDV vaccine was the first to arrive in the Republic of Uganda during the recent Ebola Sudan virus outbreak.

Sabin chief executive officer Amy Finan said: “Sabin successfully delivered Ebola Sudan vaccine doses to Uganda within 79 days of the start of the outbreak – quite an impressive accomplishment.

“This new contract enables Sabin to produce up to 100,000 doses, so the world is prepared in advance for future outbreaks.”

The organisation has commenced Phase II clinical trial planning in Uganda and Kenya. 

Sabin’s Ebola Sudan vaccine was found to be immunogenic and safe based on previous clinical trials.

The vaccine has also shown quick protection, efficacy and durability of up to 12 months in nonhuman primate studies.

Additionally, the BARDA contract includes support to produce Sabin’s Marburg virus (ChAd3-MARV) vaccine.

The BARDA Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response and the Department of Health and Human Services are funding the project.