Exposure to the disease and lack of enough critical medical devices are the biggest challenges facing healthcare professionals during the coronavirus pandemic, found a Verdict poll.

The poll, which was run from 26 March to 01 April, tried to identify the biggest challenge among six of the most common challenges healthcare service providers face during the pandemic.

The challenges include disease exposure, lack of critical medical devices, shortage of healthcare professionals, dwindling stock of medical supplies, financial burden on hospital, and insufficient hospital beds.

More than 50% of the respondents found the first two among the above to be the most challenging, with disease exposure being the most challenging, as polled by 26% of the respondents. Shortage of professionals and diminishing stock of medical supplies are the next bigger challenges, as polled by 16% each.

Coronavirus healthcare challenges

Financial burden on hospital and insufficient hospital beds are lesser challenges, as opined by 8% and 7% of the respondents, respectively.

The analysis is based on 722 responses received during the poll period.