As the COVID-19 outbreak gets more severe with increasing death toll, Verdict has conducted two polls to find out the confidence levels about the development of an effective vaccine and treatment for coronavirus over the next 12 months.

The first poll, which measured the confidence over a vaccine development, was run between 26 March and 01 April. Analysis of the poll results indicated high confidence in approximately 52% of the respondents, while 28.5% were moderately confident.

Confidence about an effective coronavirus vaccine development was poor in 19.6% of the respondents, as illustrated in the chart. COVID-19 vaccine confidence poll

The poll analysis was based on more than 1,500 responses received during the period.

The second poll, run between 02 April and 06 April tried to measure the confidence over the development of an effective treatment for COVID-19. The poll received 477 responses, the analysis of which revealed similar confidence as expressed in the previous poll on the vaccine development.

High confidence was expressed by 48% of the respondents, while 32% were somewhat confident, and 20% were not confident about a potential development within the next 12 months, as illustrated in the chart.

COVID-19 treatment development poll