Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation’s (MMRF) venture philanthropy subsidiary Myeloma Investment Fund (MIF) has made an undisclosed investment in Nectin Therapeutics to assess the potential of NTX1088 to treat multiple myeloma.

Along with the MIF’s investment, Nectin has so far secured more than $33m from aMoon, Peregrine Ventures, Israel Biotech Fund, Cancer Focus Fund and Integra.

NTX1088 is Nectin’s lead immunotherapy drug candidate that targets a major immune checkpoint, PVR, also called CD155.

The monoclonal antibody blocks interaction between PVR and DNAM1, also called CD226, a molecule responsible for anti-cancer T and NK cell activation.

By preventing DNAM1’s internalisation and degradation, NTX1088 helps in the restoration of DNAM1 expression on the surface of immune cells and enables solid antitumour activity.

NTX1088 also obstructs PVR’s interactions with TIGIT and CD96, thereby averting their immune inhibitory signalling.

In preclinical models, NTX1088 showed improved antitumour activity as against approved and investigational immune checkpoint inhibitors.

NTX1088 also demonstrated a favourable safety profile in non-human primates.

Nectin Therapeutics CEO Fabian Tenenbaum said: “NTX1088 is currently being studied in patients with advanced and metastatic solid tumours, and we look forward to working closely with the MIF to uncover the role that PVR blockade may serve in addressing the unmet needs of myeloma patients.”